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  1. There was an excellent discussion at Port Canaveral today with FL Gov and reps from cruise industry. A portion is on this link. However the entire discussion is listed on Action News Jax FB site. It's about an hour long and very interesting. Worth the time to view. https://www.wesh.com/article/gov-desantis-to-deliver-update-from-roundtable-in-port-canaveral/35945826
  2. IMHO, there will be no end in sight. This virus will become another illness issue like the flu. We will need to adjust and move on. The most vulnerable will need to take the most precautions, just like the flu. It's not going way and will become part of life.
  3. Make sure to read the fine print: "APR may range from 7.00% to 36.00% APR."
  4. If they're gonna pre make and pre package everything, then it's not a deli. They should call it a vending machine.
  5. The problem with Mobile is that they built a too small parking garage. It can't even hold the car capacity for the Fantasy. There is an overflow parking lot at auditorium across I10. Don't see any remedy in sight.
  6. My fitbit will hold up to seven days of data without syncing. When we were in port, I found a free wireless spot and synced my fitbit. You should be able to do same. If you're going to a US territory such as San Juan or St Thomas, you're current plan should work. You may have to get off ship to get signal. Hope this helps. Update: Agree with mkcurran. Forgot that it will sync with bluetooth, wifi not needed.
  7. It's no different from hotel & airline loyalty programs which also have different colors for each level.
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