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  1. This is very interesting. thank you especially for posting the link.
  2. I love your family production! Thanks for sharing with another Disney lover.
  3. Hi Everyone from the Sacramento, Ca area. Thrak, I used to live in Chico, so I enjoyed your pictures. The aisles look the same here. I just know from internet pix, I haven't been out since March 13th. Billco, thanks for the report of your walk on the American River. The river runs right through the middle of Sacramento County. The sun is shining again today, and for me that makes the day better. My best wishes to you all. Hang in there! (remember the old kitty poster?)
  4. Great information! It sounds very appealing to me. Thanks for the info from the Sacramento area.
  5. Hi friends, Can you tell me why the Pacific Princess is your favorite? I am gathering information for when I do get to cruise again. Thanks
  6. I especially appreciate your comments on the "traffic flow" of the ships Thanks.
  7. We went FLL to SF in late February 2018. One of our favorite trips, on the Coral Princess. In Cartagena we were dripping wet, NOT from rain. A few days later we were in a dugout canoe in Panama and it was pouring rain. My advice - take quick-dry clothes,
  8. I empathize with you. Royal was slow to cancel our cruise (from Rome) so we cancelled. We lost a lot of money, but its over. It was like they were playing chicken, seeing who would cancel first. It has been two weeks since we made our decision, and I feel better about the financial loss now. I hear you and I agree with you.
  9. Thank you all for many good ideas. Very useful all the time, not just pandemic times.
  10. which California ports are shut down?
  11. At Travis AFB they quarantine in a large hotel. It has tv, wifi, rooms for families.
  12. I WAS ON HOLD 3 HOURS, AND i NOW HAVE $3000 IN FUTURE cRUISE CREDIT!!! Good rate of pay, isn't ? Yay ROYAL!
  13. I was on hold with Royal for 3 hours, earned $1000 per hour in Future Cruise Credit. Thank you Royal for doing the right thing!
  14. My whole family (3 balcony cabins) was offered the "Move over" from 1/22 Grand sailing. We took the cruise, not the move over because of work schedules. WHEW! lucky us. But now we are concerned or the wonderful crew who made the cruise wonderful.
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