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  1. Your post made me remember my fear after I was diagnosed - testing seemed overwhelming, worry about extreme outcomes like kidney failure, feeling like I shouldn't eat ANYTHING. After awhile, it all just becomes normal, instead of the #1 thing you think about. When I cruise I welcome the huge amount of choices offered me, and I find it easier to eat healthy on the ship. I walk so much, that it compensates for a lot of eating! People on this thread are giving a lot of educated, practical advice. We are your cheerleaders who have been where you are right now.
  2. Cross your fingers and check back in a week!
  3. Be sure to compare the weight, especially the airline carry on. Our most used luggage includes an airline carry on for each of us. Bought at TJ Maxx. They sell sets and offer a variety of styles and sizes. my green suitcase has been to Europe 3 times and on 6 cruises. Happy Travels
  4. You can carry on as much bottled water and soda as you want. We have become tired of lugging water, so now we opt for reasonably priced water package from Pincess. It is delivered to your room, but you have to order it before cruising.
  5. In Anchorage the Native Heritage museum is a MUST DO. It provides interaction with Alaskan people, learn their history from them, and enjoy the outdoor village. This is not a boring building with stuff on the walls to look at.
  6. Vivoli, the best year after year.
  7. About ten years ago we were on Princess for an Alaska cruise. We kept noticing jolly men with white beards. You guessed it...it was a Santa Convention. It was great fun to see them in full uniform for a group picture on deck in Glacier Bay.
  8. some our best excursions were from Viator (and one of our worst). We have used them mostly on land-travel. Like lola2013, we only book outside excursions that return early. You are going to have so much fun!
  9. Princess served me avocado at room service breakfast. Wrote it in for my request, and it appeared. Avocado slices on a fresh croissant - a dream come true!
  10. I hate that new page too! I'm looking forward to answers.
  11. First - Love the "Steal Your Cruise" logo. I often give the cabin steward $20 first day, more at the end. Why? The majority of gratuities on your bill go to other staff, and the steward works harder than the others. They NEED the money. This person NEVER has a day off. Why not give them a $20, it means little to anyone who cruises. ...get shown the light! and relax.
  12. Paul, did I meet you at a concert at the Oakland Coliseum in the 90s? Or was that another Paul Blackburn from Boston?
  13. The Embera visit was the high point of the trip. Warmth of the whole community, a good experie nce in every way.
  14. Was there last week on Coral Princess. Protests in Managua so no excursions there, but had wonderful experiences on a tour to Granada and Las Isletas. Great sightings of rare birds after a ride through the countryside. Local people were welcoming and friendly to us. We glimpsed a beautiful garden through the doorway of a business and a worker invited us in to experience the inner garden. The two of us were walking alone, not with the big group. Enjoy these nice people!.
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