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  1. Question: Is there any other place on Majesty to have lunch on embarkation day besides the windjammer?
  2. Well, RC honored the mistake by giving me a $100 OBC but they could not give me my original cabin that I really wanted as it was no longer available. My TA was the one to help me get that credit thru her RC rep. It’s done now. Not the end of the world, but I’ll admit I was upset when it happened.
  3. Thank you all for responding. Helps a lot! An additional question...is the diamond lounge only open during the “free drink” time?
  4. I will finally reach diamond this year and would appreciate some information from you seasoned travelers! I usually buy the drink package (Side note: I did get the $18 drink package for three 2020 sailings...woohoo!). I’m unclear on what I will receive as diamond. 1.Three drinks a day that can be used anytime at any bar? In main dining room? Is this in addition to the drinks in the diamond lounge? 2. Is there a diamond lounge on every ship? Does it get crowded? I vaguely remember a table mate leaving the MDR to get his free drink at the lounge and he said he waited a long time. 3. I’m guessing most diamond and above do not get the drink package? 4. Anything else you might suggest that I take advantage of?
  5. I booked a specific Oasis 2020 boardwalk balcony (the cabin closest to the aqua theatre) when it was first released. Then I happened to notice this week that it went to GTY. Now travel agent says my original cabin is no longer available. I got $100 OBC from RC for the mistake, which I guess is better than nothing. What is going on with RC? Well, at least I got the $18 drink package for this and two other 2020 sailings. But, I’m constantly going on line now to check my upcoming cruises.
  6. Quite a few Instagram posts this week about the Mariner docking at the Coco Cay pier.
  7. What do you have access to if you don’t book an excursion in Coco Cay? Just the beach? How about the pool on the island? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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