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  1. Seriously? You know another requirement for being a port city is having a port. Where are Houston’s and Dallas’s ports?
  2. Online check-in, either on your computer or through the app should be open now.
  3. I used FCC from two cancelled cruises last year to book two cruises this year which in turn got cancelled by Celebrity, not by me. The original FCC from last year’s cruises automatically got reinstated with new book by date of 04/30/22 and Sail by date 09/30/22. I would presume the same thing would happen regardless whether it’s you cancelling or Celebrity.
  4. Never been bumped but itinerary changes are pretty common.
  5. Are you saying United let’s you select seats before you are ticketed, in other words before final payment? I’ve never had an issue selecting seats through American using the record locator but not until ticketed.
  6. You can, of course, opt to pay sooner so that you get ticketed and are able to choose seats. You don’t have to wait to final payment to pay.
  7. If you do see better prices or itineraries, are those changes you can complete yourself online or is a call required? I’m coming up on my 330 day window next month. I’ve always heard the best time to book international flights is about 6 months out but based on multiple recommendations on this thread and the ability to make changes, booking as soon as possible sounds like the right thing to do.
  8. I served in uniform 22 years and though I found the “thank you for your service” reference to be odd, I did not take it as demeaning.
  9. Answer to what? When your August cruise be cancelled? June cruises got cancelled a little over a week ago. May cruises were cancelled about a month prior. Based on previous cancellations, they likely won’t cancel August cruises until early June.
  10. Ed Solomon? That would Ed Sullivan. After dinging them for Liberace, not sure if that’s on purpose or an ironic twist.
  11. Thanks for that. I had found those OBC amounts but nothing about being split between standard OBC and excursions. Just booked our first retreat, I see the OBC but nothing indicating any of it has to be used on excursions. I was hoping the excursion credit was extra but I guess not.
  12. The amenities included with a retreat suite mention shore excursion credit. Anyone know how much of a credit? I can’t seem to find that anywhere. The different levels of OBC are listed but not the shore excursion credit.
  13. According to the FAQ on Celebrity’s site, whatever you paid using FCC will revert back to FCC but with the new dates for using that FCC. Anything you paid beyond that FCC will be eligible for the 125% offer. So let’s say cruise fare was $5000 and you used FCC for $4000 and paid $1000. The $4000 would revert back to FCC plus you would get an additional $1250 in FCC. You would end up with $5250 in FCC. I just had a back to back in June cancelled and I mostly paid for them with FCC from last year too. What I described is what I’m expecting but won’t know until mid May for sure. That’s when they say FCC will be issued.
  14. Yes, the date to use the FCC was extended but the date to decide on whether to take a refund was reduced. Those sailings have until the end of 2020 to opt for a refund. The previous round of cancellations have until the end of 2021 to opt for a refund. I had a back to back scheduled in May, the first sailing falls under the first round of cancellations, the second sailing under this last round.
  15. I’m pretty sure it’s use it or lose it since it’s from the TA. Royal won’t convert it to OBC.
  16. No reason to spend money on skype when your carrier and phone supports WiFi calling. That might be cheaper for international calls but definitely not cheaper than free. As long as you’re calling US numbers, no additional charges for WiFi calling.
  17. No. WiFi is WiFi. It does not matter what WiFi you use.
  18. No one can predict that. Panama Canal itineraries are very popular, there may not even be anything available after final payment, much less price drops. However, who can say. With so many cruisers cancelling due to the Corona virus, even Panama bargains may be had.
  19. An Uber XL should accommodate 4 adults and luggage. I have used an XL for 4 adults and luggage several times with no issue.
  20. The coupon is for the value of one 24 hour period of surf. You can get surf + stream, you just pay the difference.
  21. Yes. It’s one of the “coupons” loaded on your sea pass card.
  22. The amount off a package is whatever the cost of a 24 hour period is which may be $24 or maybe not. On Liberty in December, a 24 hour period was still $20.
  23. No issue on my iPad but I do see it on my iPhone.
  24. Yes, every cruiser can set up their onboard account to their own payment option, whether it be credit/debit card or a cash account.
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