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  1. I’m not Patti but I can tell you that none of the St George excursions have been cancelled. In my opinion it’s a blessing that we don’t have to deal with tethering for St George. I guess all of the excursions are accessible from the other ports. Right now (sea day) we are moving at around 5 knots on a calm sea ( like a lake). Having a wonderful time and headed for Chefs Table (California Menu) in a few minutes. Very different cruise but we are loving it. No white caps
  2. Our last cruise (so long ago) was in March 2020. We were in the lowest category V. I purchased a bottle of gin and scotch in San Juan and brought them onto the ship. I requested tonic from our cabin steward and never had a problem. Cheers
  3. I’m sure that Viking is taking a hard look at Brazil relative to Covid. It’s probably too far out for them to commit to excursions right now. It’s at least 4 or 5 months until reservations are allowed to be made, and by then I’d bet there will be a lot more to choose from. We were on the last Amazon cruise in 2020 ending March 12 when everything hit the fan.
  4. Same day results from Saguaro Bloom located in Scottsdale AZ. $279. 24 hr results (not guaranteed) $149. Their website shows other locations around the country, but prices and timelines may be different.
  5. Not sure what brand they are. They make expresso and regular coffee.
  6. Regent has coffee machines in most of their cabins. They are owned by the same parent company as Oceania. It would appear that the decision to not have them on Oceania ships isn’t driven by safety concerns. Anyone willing to pay large sums for this feature might consider Regent as an option. I estimate that the additional cost to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $800/day. 🤗
  7. Our next cruise is with Viking in July . It originates and stays in Bermuda. Not everything is in writing, but here are some of the requirements: 1. All passengers and crew must provide proof of vaccination 14 days prior to sail date. 2. Must have negative Covid test within 3 days of arrival in Bermuda (required by Bermuda) 3. Mandatory Covid test on arrival to Bermuda. 4. Mandatory Covid test on day 4. 5. Not allowed to leave the ship except for authorized Viking excursions. 6. Face masks required in public spaces except while dining or drinking. 7. Reserva
  8. One of my favorites was given by the captain of the Regatta several years ago. He retold his experience with pirates while cruising near Somalia. The pirates attempted to board the ship, and both the crew and the passengers took actions to thwart the threat.
  9. Our preferred cruise lines are Oceania, Regent, Viking, and Royal Caribbean Allure (when we bring our grandchildren). I haven’t packed a suit, tie, or more than 3 pairs of shoes in over 10 years.
  10. Yeah, flights aren’t very appealing. We leave Phoenix at 11:30pm and arrive around noon the following day. Return flight a little better. The fact that we will put up with that and a whole lot more speaks volumes.
  11. Just booked Viking Bermuda using my Regent refund. Not trying to be funny, just feel the need to get on a cruise ship.
  12. We are booked on the July 13 sailing. Got our flight confirmations today and can’t wait. We have a TA, but on this cruise we’re using Viking Air and Viking excursions. I trust Viking and I’m confident they will handle all the details in an efficient manner. I hope everyone will follow all the protocols and have fun.
  13. I’m reminded of the famous Abbott and Costello skit “Who’s on First”.
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