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  1. wannavacay

    Beach Transfer Options in Kauai (?)

    There is a beach within view of the ship. Takes about 10 min to walk there. It’s technically a park, right by the Marriott. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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    They did, in fact, have 2 Super Bowl parties. One in Gold rush saloon with nacho bar. And one in Hollywood theater. We missed both, and watched whales instead! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. The lava does not have ocean entry right now & POA won’t always do the sail by. However, we went by it this week and they went the previous week also. Our butler said the decision which way to go is related to which way has smoother sailing vs rough seas. Because no ocean entry, it’s up in the hill 1-2 miles inland. Bring binoculars. For the camera we brought a monopod but the pics weren’t nearly as good as seeing through the binoculars live. Also, find out what time they estimate. We left about 2 hrs late from Hilo and the viewing was around 10:45pm, and we were exhausted. I could start making it out on the hill around 10:15. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. wannavacay

    Help with Oahu please!!

    Check out a movie tour at Kualoa Ranch. It was beautiful. We did the premier tour & that one allowed us to stop and get out of the air conditioned van. Lots of other activities there too. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. wannavacay

    POA Haleakala Excursion

    Verdict: no vertigo issues on the helicopter (yay!) Also cab to/from airport <$15 ea way. Uber not allowed in port or at heliport, but when we looked at return from airport to port it said $26 Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. wannavacay

    Oahu - Hikes (Ka'ena Point / Manoa Falls)

    Your videos have been super helpful! Thanks for posting.
  7. wannavacay

    shore excursion credit onboard?

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    Awesome! Thank you!
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    Great info! Thanks so much
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    Sorry about that, yes POA.
  11. wannavacay


    Is there somewhere either on ship or at a sports bar near Kahului where we can watch the Superbowl?
  12. wannavacay

    Women's Sketchers GOWalking Shoes

    They do have some comfortable Sketchers in dressy styles. On most online sites like zappos or 6pm.com, if you click on a shoe, under the description & specifications there is usually a weight listed so you can tell which weigh more than the others. Kohl's has a few of the dressy styles also, which is helpful if you want to try them on. Incidentally, these are my favorites & aren't technically "GoWalk", but they are also the ones with tread that wore out in a couple months. They are memory foam and super comfortable. https://www.6pm.com/p/skechers-studio-burst-edgy-black-1/product/8915830/color/125647 My original GoWalks that came out way, way back in the day, are super ugly but have excellent grip and I wear them often in our summer downpours. Always check the bottom tread pic on any online sites to get an idea of how well they would perform on wet surfaces. Happy shopping!
  13. wannavacay

    Women's Sketchers GOWalking Shoes

    I love mine -- they are great in the rain and dry quickly. I have several pair in different styles now. The bottom starts out with good grip, but they are a spongy, lightweight material & the tread wears out after a lot of use (I walk my dog 1-2 miles a couple times a day & my tread smoothed out in about 3 months). They are very comfortable for extended periods of time and weigh next to nothing if you want to pack them for a trip. I have tried several styles and not all fit the same, so I would recommend trying them on somewhere.
  14. wannavacay

    Help needed with POA cabin selection

    I have seen a few reviews where some folks on deck 4 were over the engine room and said it was so noisy they didn’t get much sleep. Check the CC website specifically for cabins for this cruise esp if you are looking at a certain type of room. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. wannavacay

    Formal Nights.

    I make sure to pack at least one or two that have a little wiggle room (before the trip) since I don't eat as wisely on vacation. Otherwise I go to put it on and... :o