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  1. Thanks for your review! I'll be boarding the ship on Sunday, so keep her in good shape 🙂 Very much looking forward to Onda! The menu looks incredible. Would you say this week's crowd has been a typical spring break crowd? Enjoy the rest of your cruise!!
  2. Actually the max is $3000/day. If you need more than that, you can ask for clearance from the finance manager for $2000 more for a total of $5000/day.
  3. Thanks for posting your review! Ill be boarding the Encore in 3 weeks! I read in your daily that it seems the casino tables aren’t open on the night of San Juan? Do you recall if that’s true? Thanks!
  4. Another great review as always, Sid! I'm booked on the Encore in March so was really looking forward to reading. I was out of town, so wasn't able to follow "live" from Thursday on, but great to hear all about the trip!
  5. Doug, Odd question, and if you're not sure that is fine, but I know you helped with the slot pull...do you know who the casino manager onboard the Encore is? Enjoy the cruise, and thanks for sharing your thoughts!
  6. Carnival's casino department seems to be giving better offers to "newer" gamblers. I used to get free offers on Carnival all the time. My time/money in the casino has gone up since then, and my offers have gone in the opposite direction. Enjoy the offers while they're there, but know that they could always disappear in a flash.
  7. I've done the silent disco on the Bliss one night on my February cruise, and two nights on my October cruise. I didn't realize the quadrant system was in place in February (came directly after teppanyaki with lots of SAKE BOMBS), but in October it ended with everyone hearing Don't Stop Believing followed by Livin' On a Prayer, so if that's how it ended on the Encore, it might be the same.
  8. Thanks again for the review, Sid. All caught up after being out of town for the weekend, but looks like a great time was had, and a belated Happy Birthday! I'll be looking forward to the Encore review as I am booked on her in March! See you and the tribe back on the A T L thread.
  9. say hello to Annamaria at the Alchemy bar if she is still there! She was my favorite on the Horizon last year. She even let me join in on shaking the drinks with them!
  10. I took my first Carnival cruise in January of 2013, and got platinum status in November 2018. The vast amount of cruising was between the years of 2016-2018. Continuing to build nights at sea with Carnival, but NCL has been getting more of a share since their Casino program still takes care of their customers...
  11. I'd remove the haven-only elevators...during embarkation there is usually one reserved for Haven guests, and at disembarkation they have a crew elevator that Haven guests can use, but during the cruise I don't believe you get an express ride at all from what I've seen.
  12. Haha, they had that listed on tap, but we didn't have it all week! Was disappointed, as its one of my favorite, but there were more than enough from the Pacific NorthWest to try during the week haha
  13. That stinks they didn't have the Dogfish Head 90 minute on draft for you. I was on the Joy last week, and was able to enjoy that on draft. Makes you wonder...
  14. The schedule says your PBE will be Elizabeth Setzer.
  15. I've sailed NCL twice now, and was not impressed with the speed of service in Cagney's on the Getaway or the Bliss. The quality of the meal has been OK, but both times we commented on how the experience just seems SO drawn out.
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