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  1. In Bermuda it is $50 for each day there ( even though it is one and the same port every day).
  2. CollinIllinois, Thank You. That's exactly the info I was looking for. shanley, Thank you.
  3. I am not booked yet. Can I still access that info? I couldn't find it.
  4. What are the current prices for internet package on Escape for this coming summer?
  5. Pokerpro5. Thank you again. Hope your health issues are better and you'll be sailing soon.
  6. Thank you for the response. The cruise I am looking at is that to Bermuda from NYC during 4th of July week. As I understand, this is a popular cruise. However, yesterday was a final payment date and price for balcony cabins dropped $250 per person. Simultaneously, instead of " take five promos with balcony" they switched back to " take two promos with balcony cabin". Despite the drop, price is very expensive ( it's NCL Escape). I don't know what to do. On one hand we are day post final payment with $500 savings and numerous cabins show as available. On the other hand, it's a popular week and expensive itinerary. Should I wait for 90 days? If they decide to bring back " take all five promos with balcony cabin" promo for this sailing, will the price jump back up? What would you do?
  7. What are the current price of Cagney's? Is it one set price ( cover charge) or is it alacart?
  8. Now, that the final payment date is 120 days out, how does it change price drops? Is new 55 day mark becomes 90 days out?
  9. What are current prices for pay as you go upcharge restaurants on NCL Escape? Thank you all who responds.
  10. What about Day Beds? Are they located close to Cabanas or Bangalows? What's the lunch situation with day beds?
  11. Just read through this thread. First of all, Thank You to the OP for providing the information. I have been cruising since 1995, but that's not all I do, so reminders of ever-changing rules and regulations are appreciated. In no way did the original post impressed me as accusatory or pity seaking, but rather matter of fact informative post. However, the responses that immediately followed are atrocious. They are condescending, insulting, accusatory and mostly useless. The OP didn't ask a question, didn't ask for any advice and out of nowhere such a wave of blame, accusations, assumptions. I understand how incredulous OP must feel, so it's absolutely normal that OP would respond in defensive manner. Again would like to thank OP for posting this reminder as we are cruising in a week's time and will be aware of the trap.
  12. To me GR was more like a real marine vessel while Anthem is more of a floating resort.
  13. Thank you for your tips and thoughts. We are thinking to go to some park on day one. If we dock at 12 pm we should be in a park by 2-2:30 pm. We can stay till closing time. I need to do research how late parks are open and whether we can see fireworks at any of the parks in the evening. I made a mistake with dates. Day one is Sunday, 1/20/19. Day two is a holiday, MLK Day, Monday, 1/21/18. On day two we can go to Disney Springs. I wonder if there are any swimmable beaches this time of the year in Orlando area? Well, I guess lots of research needs to be done. Thank you, again.
  14. We have been just informed that our mid-January, 2019 cruise will spend an extra day with overnight stay in Orlando, Fl. The ship will be in port from Monday, 12 pm till Tuesday, 8 pm (originally the ship was supposed to be in port on Tuesday only, 7 am to 7 pm). We have been to Orlando as a part of cruise stop few times. We did KSC when with all the kids and went to Animal Kingdom last February when our son was with us on a cruise. The first time we did tour of the canals where we saw dolphins and manatees and beautiful private homes facing the canals (or rather away from them). Come to think of it, I believe we have been to Orlando once more and took shuttle to the beach and surf shop area. Now, with practically two full days with a luxury of overnight stay Monday into Tuesday night, what should we look into doing? We can rent a car (for two days? or return back prior to boarding the ship on day one and rent again on day two? Is there even a place in port to park rented car overnight?) I would like to go see Downtown Disney just to browse the area shops and restaurants and I would want to do an attraction park but very worried about crowds, lines, etc. Originally I was considering SeaWorld because ship provides transportation there (for longer duration of time then their transport to Universal) and the park doesn't seem as overwhelming as some others. Any advise on how to best structure the two days is appreciated. ( We are two adults travelling without kids, late 40's/early 50's, enjoy sightseeing, walking, nature/animals, good food and historical and cultural aspects of travel; don't enjoy crowds and active pursuits). Thank You all who respond.
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