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  1. Still no refunds Suggest any who can lodge claims with their credit card companies Bet Larry Pimental has received the proceeds of his US $1 900 000 sale of RCL shares not so very long ago, when he knew what was going to happen, very close to insider trading !! ( maybe it is) and we still can not get paid , unacceptable Maybe we need a Class Action lawsuit to concentrate their minds, there is no excuse for these delays in payment of refunds despite difficult times
  2. Being an oldie I may be out of date However the vouchers airlines used to give were known as MCO's (miscellaneous charges orders) and were as good as cash and could always be exchanged for cash at an airline office, and if all else fails maybe take this approach
  3. HAS ANYONE actually received their refund, just in case we are being negative on Mr Pimentel and his team on shore at Azamara Obviously they are currently doing little business We have requested cash refunds but so far nothing May I suggest all awaiting refunds put pressure on Azamara, lets show the bad side of Azamara, incidentally the crews on the ships are so different and probably the very best
  4. You are correct Sir, I was using UK Director responsibilities but those in the USA are even more onerous You are getting my joking comment on fat cat bonuses out of proportion, is your UKTog handle really a cover for LRP himself Some may find this link interesting https://wallmine.com/people/41726/lawrence-r-pimentel It is also interesting that Mr Pimentel share dealings and options really a type of bonus be examined In August 2019 he exercised options on 12786 shares in RCI at$ 23.98 In Nov 2019 he exercised further options on 10928
  5. I have no personal grievance, but as many Azamara customers will say they were all very upset at the way matters were dealt with, and the CEO is ultimately responsible, if we wanted to sue and I am not suggesting we do it would be against him, we have no contract with the parent company, or rights against it, legally, morally is another story I also stood with Azamara for a long time on this saga, and been a long time loyal customer To clarify a little , Yes I made a "gentle "comment , in now way libellous ,as intimated by UK Tog about the CEO, however as as a Retired
  6. We love Azamara however during the current crisis they kept those with bookings in the dark We had eventually cancelled on us March 24 Sydney to Singapore, and also April 11 Singapore to Dubai Then the CEO keeps smiling as he still gets his fat cats bonus Let us know your recent experiences
  7. Its a bit like a car recirculate or new air, the first is cheaper and makes it colder, Azamara have I believe said they will Not recirculate air at this time
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