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  1. Well, all we can do is send an email to Carnival and say " Thanks so much for saving me money on your cruises. Now, I DON'T need to spend money on a soda card and I DON'T need to order a rum and coke or a bourbon and coke from the bar. This will definitely save me, and cost you, a few bucks. Thanks again!!
  2. Normally, if you booked through an agent, the agent can rebook and keep your cabin.
  3. We are 2 star mariners, going for 3 stars. Only booked once directly with HAL. They sent me an email with what seemed to be a great offer. The offer included on-board credit and prepaid gratuities with a decent price. Booked our veranda room, booked our hydropool package and several excursions (as we ALWAYS do) and anxiously awaited sailing day. Upon checking our daily account statement, noticed there was NO OBC and the daily gratuities were showing up as NOT paid. Talked with the front desk folks, they made an inquiry back to the mainland and HAL came back and said that offer was ONLY for NEW customers. Asked how I was supposed to know that when THEY emailed ME the offer knowing that I'm a 2-star. They said the two letter codes in the fine print would have told me that. I reminded them that as a customer, not a HAL employee, I have NO WAY of knowing what any of their 2-letter codes would mean. After they screwed us over on that, we switched cruise lines. They may have gotten an extra $300 plus out of me for that fiasco, but they lost thousands in the long run. I am taking one more HAL cruise, only because they are going somewhere DW has ALWAYS wanted to go and the timing of that cruise works for us. Then goodbye HAL.
  4. I just attempted a reservation for park by the ports. It shows $5.99 per day when making the reservation.
  5. Booked for a Nov 2020 10 day Nieuw Statendam cruise and after reviewing HAL's site, it sounds like the typical crew-performed main theater shows we're accustomed to on the Vista-class boats aren't what's going to be on-board the NS. Several things NOT mentioned on HAL's site are comedy, magic, and the Indonesian culture-themed crew shows. Site seems to emphasize only classical music and ballroom dancing type shows? Has anyone sailed her recently that could shed any light on this? I'm fine with classical music and ballroom dancing, but the DW is NOT going to be thrilled with that type of show. Need to find out, if possible, so I can plan other ways to entertain her. Thanks for any input you can offer.
  6. I don't cruise for the lobster, but I've heard from several co-workers who cruise other lines regularly (We only do HAL with the exception of one Royal Caribbean and One NCL) that several other lines are only serving lobster in specialty restaurants (as NCL did on the one we just got off). What line(s) are you familiar with that supposedly server lobster every day? Just curious as I've never heard anyone say their lines do that.
  7. Hi Kazu, DW and I are on the 22 November 2020, Nieuw Statendam, 10 day southern seafarer. We are 2 star working on 3 stars. Looking forward to finally seeing the ABC islands! thanks for this fun service you've been providing!!! Cruiseguy56
  8. Well then, Perhaps they never were? Can only go by what the staff of the Breakaway spa told use on this cruise when we asked about the chlorine in the hydro pool. Of course, now that I'm thinking back on the cruise, we got some contradictory answers to questions about other things as well, not to mention more than a few blank stares in response to some questions. Perhaps NCL needs to do some remedial crew training on the Breakaway? Cruise on and enjoy!
  9. Ah well, not being a veteran NCL cruiser, I did a quick google search to find out about the rooms. From google, the link works and regardless of the location of that site, I am in Florida. Yet another example of your being petty for no reason except to possibly make yourself feel self-important. How sad and goodbye.
  10. One can split hairs about the difference in names of a DOS and an OS or one can consider that the OP being newer here may have simply referred to either as an owner suite. Not everyone is going to use the exact same acronyms as you or I. Likewise, not everyone is going to enjoy the same ship or even the same things about a ship. NOW, if the OP had posted about an H3, yes, that's a completely different creature. Having seen several of the 5000+ clubs being so nasty to the OP about their not matching the SPECIFIC terminology of the 5000+ member, I can only hope that I never join the ranks of that 5000+ club. The beauty of this forum in the many years I've been using it is the wealth of information available and the friendly nature of the posters, at least prior to this thread. Happy cruising.
  11. One could split hairs about the difference between the DOS and the OS, or instead of being petty, one could consider that perhaps the DOS (which DOES have the words Owner Suite in it's name) is what the original poster is referring to as an Owner Suite since that is PART of the name. Not everyone who posts is going to use your exact terminology or use the abbreviations for every category of ship name and or room as you do. By the same token, not everyone is going to like the breakaway, just as YOU posted you didn't like it. Myself, DW and many of the folks on the May 19th sailing quite enjoyed it. As for myself, I can only hop to not make it to the 5000+ club as I'm noticing from this thread that there are some very snarky people in that group.
  12. https://www.ncl.com/no/en/cruise-ship/the-haven Funny, their website shows a haven deluxe owner's suite.
  13. "This is a mental calculation I run when comparing the fares - will I get x value out of the free at sea perk, where x is the increased cost of the room that includes the perk." That's what we do too. On our next cruise, we could pay $400 more per person and get 1 specialty dinner ($25 value) and the alcoholic drink package. Neither of us drink alcohol, so the perks are really worthless and we choose the cheap rate without them.
  14. We sailed the Breakaway out of Miami on the May 19, 2019 sailing. We saw NO ONE drinking in the thermal suite on any of our several visits each day. The ONLY problem we had with alcohol was while sitting in the atrium while they were doing one of their "game shows". Had someone walk past and he knocked two glasses of wine off a table and it went all over my jeans. Being a non-drinker, I wasn't thrilled with this, but I understand accidents happen. That aside, he could have at least had the decency to apologize to me and the people whose drinks he had just knocked over. As for the specialty restaurants, I had an amazing meal in Cagney's (no I did NOT order a steak). My wife's steak was equivalent to one you'd get from Golden Corral buffet, which isn't saying much for NCL's steakhouse specialty. While I had good seafood in Ocean Blue, the DW's lobster (supposedly grilled) came out a soggy mess soaking in water. I've NEVER seen a soaking wet "GRILLED" lobster, so despite the "chef's" personal assurance that it was only grilled, I suspect NCL steamed or boiled it first, then laid it on the grill for a few seconds. Other annoyances: We were somewhat shocked to find our balcony door curtains, majorly torn near the top in three places since the ship had undergone renovation not too long ago. The cabin door card reader didn't like our cards, even after we got new cards done, it would still take 3-4 tries before the reader would read one most of the time. Even a housekeeping officer walking by had trouble getting the cards to read, lol. As for the thermal suite, was dissapointed that the hydrotherapy pool is no longer saltwater and minerals. It's no a lukewarm chlorinated pool with jets. While the jets are nice, the missing saltwater and mineral combo that has helped alleviate aches and pains on HAL was, pardon the pun, sorely missed. Although I realized before the cruise that the thermal tile lounges were in the same room as the hydropool on NCL, unlike HAL. I failed to think through the logic that there would be no peaceful quietness while laying on the heated lounges. That one is my mistake, although if you've ever experienced the difference between HAL and NCL in that regard, you may also find it to be poor planning on NCL's part as the total experience is SO much less satisfying and relaxing. To be fair, I will say we had absolutely wonderful excursions and very decent food in Savor. I was also happy to find dal or masala or some form of Indian food on the buffet each day. I'm not Indian, but really love their food! While there's no such thing as a bad cruise to me, I'm already booked on HAL for my next one. NCL was interesting and I did like the freestyle overall, but our preferences just fall more in line with HAL. Washy Washy!!
  15. Ship - Breakaway Deck - 14 Stateroom # - 14748 Stateroom Category – M9 Starboard or Port Side - Starboard Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – Yes, close to steps and elevators, but NEVER heard them Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - No Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. – No obstructions. Nice view of the sky, ocean and if you stand at the rail, of the decks below. Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? -I would say UNDERSIZED. You have to sit the chair sideways on the balcony. Could not put the chair facing the ocean and have enough leg room to sit down in it, and NO, I'm not 7'3" or anything even close to that. The DW is 5'4" and couldn't face the ocean while seated in the chair. Greatly disappointing. We've never had that issue on HAL or RC. Was wind a problem? - No If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - n/a Any specific problems with this cabin? - Despite the ships recent renovation, the balcony door curtain was majorly ripped in three locations close to the top. When we pointed this out to our cabin steward, someone came almost immediately to fix it. They thought they would do so there, but ended up taking it away to fix and then bring back (this was NOT a problem form our point of view). Sadly, when they came back, although it was fixed, the quality of the repair was underwhelming. Otherwise a wonderful cabin. Any other comments? - Would take this cabin again
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