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  1. ❗️New Video❗️How do you feel about Cruise Directors on Carnival? Are you interested in an interview with a Cruise Director? Join us as we interview the Carnival Cruise Director WeeJimmy while aboard the Carnival Sunshine. https://youtu.be/QFpQvlpooFc
  2. I really need some help. We are planning a cruise with some family and I don't know what the best option is to do with one of the cabins. 1) What happens if we book a cabin for two and then only one of the two shows up for the cruise? Is the one who shows up going to have any problems with getting on the cruise? conversely 2) What happens if we book a cabin for one and then the second person decides they do want to go? Can they be added to that cabin for one if it is a cabin that can normally hold 2 people? Thank you in advance!!!!
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