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  1. If I get the $500 gift card, bring it onboard, and apply it to my onboard account can it be used to pay the gratuities? I know some things (like OBC can’t be used for gratuities). Thank You!
  2. We haven’t sailed Carnival in 3 years. Last time we sailed we purchased the Social Media internet package. But we shared it. One person would use it on their cell, then log off and the other person would log on using their cell. I know we can still do this, but my question is does that impact the Hub app chat feature. Let’s say I purchase the hub app chat feature for all three cell phones (myself, wife, and daughter). And purchase one of the social media internet (not 3 copies for all three people). Can the three cell phones log in and out of the internet package without messing up the chat feature on the hub app? Can all three people stay logged into the hub app while the phone are logging into and out of the internet package? Thank You in advance for your help!!!
  3. Can I create an account on Carnvial.com for my daughter who is 12 (almost 13)? She has a VIFP number (as she has been on Carnival before), but I'm wondering specifically about an account on Carnival.com For two reasons, so she can look at possible shore excursions and so she can log into the Carnival Hub app. Thanks in advance!
  4. I have a question about the Thrill Theater on the Breeze. The Dare to be Scared movies are listed as 17+ age. If my daughter is a teenager but less than 17 will she be allowed to see these showings if I’m with her or is it a strict only 17+? Although she is less than 17 she enjoys horror movies and Halloween Horror Nights at Universal studios. So as long as there are no scenes with sexual content I would allow her to see the horror films in thrill theater.
  5. I cannot express enough how much I love the fact that the person to answer this question has a user name of Cruisingranny...you Ma'am are my hero 🙂
  6. Out of the 5 carnival ships we have sailed so far, without a doubt the Dream was our favorite ship. Due to this, we are now booked on the Breeze for August. The dream class also has the most underrated cabin class, and by far our favorite cabin type, which is the cove balconies. The only thing I am disappointed in, is they got ride for Tandoori on the Breeze and replaced it with the sea food shack. My wife and I love some Indian food.
  7. Thank you for the fast reply! We have early dining so I was worried it would interfere with the MDR...but it looks like it should be ok.
  8. Has anyone done the Beach Cabana Rental at Mahogany Bay, Roatan? If so would you mind answering a few questions? 1) Did you feel it was worth it? 2) The drinks you can order is that charged to you Sign and Sail card or is that cash? 3) Can you take the chair lift back and forth as much as you want while the ship is in port? 4) Are the inside of the cabanas completely private (from outside eyes)...I guess to be completely direct, can you participate in "adult time" inside the cabanas? 5) are the waters outside the cabanas good for snorkeling? Thank you in advance!!!
  9. Does anyone know what time the first night mixer/orientation typically held? And what is it listed as in the Fun Times? Thanks in advance!!!
  10. Nothing in particular...just any significant changes. For example, I have been lurking this forum the last couple of days and noticed that they now ask if you want morning or evening room cleaning (as oppose to the default in the past being both) but you can still get both if you want. Any tips like that. 🙂 Thanks in Advance!
  11. My wife, daughter, and I will be sailing Carnival Breeze - Aug 3rd-10th, 2019 - Port Canaveral-Cozumel-Belize-Roatan-Costa Maya. This will be the 6th Carnival cruise my wife and I are taking; however, it will be a 3 and a half year break since our last cruise (last cruise was March 2016). Any changes to Carnival that have happened over the last 3 years that I should be aware of? Thank you in advance!
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