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  1. We first did skeeter shooting on the old HAL Noordam way back in 1980. It was real tough hitting those skeeters. 🤪 Then before that was cannonball target practicing on either the Pintodam, Ninadam or Santa Mariadam 😀
  2. Let me apologize. Just looked up on page 121 in the Farmers Almanac and there is this footnote; all cruises start on 10/21/20 except Northern Lights which will depart on 10/20/20. Further the Big Dipper/ Little Dipper Cruise will depart 10/22/20
  3. My Farmers Almanac says on page 121, boats will start sailing on October 21, 2021.
  4. I don’t think so. But I will admit I am still talking about this event 46 HAL cruises later 🤪
  5. In a time far far away, we were sailing on HAL in the cheapest cabin on the ship, an inside cabin, lowest deck, next to the crew stairwell (metal) on the Ryndam, Cabin 776. For some reason we were invited to all parties and dinners for passengers in Suites with The Captain. On a 10 day cruise there were three parties. The only thing we could find out why this happened was from the Hotel Manager. He said, though we were not in a Suite, we are “Suite People”. I guess the Manager never heard of RNB’s reputation.
  6. As a follow-up to my earlier post of tooting to "Old McDonalds Farm", if the yutes did not understand or never heard of old McDonalds farm, this hear is another spinoff from a song just six years ago ( "Its all about the Bass" }. Lets start another kumbaya moment. It's all about that Toot. Because you know it's all about that Toot 'Bout that toot, no horn. It's all 'bout that toot. 'bout that toot. no horn It's all 'bout that toot, 'bout that toot. no horn It's all 'bout that toot. 'bout that toot. No quite Hank Williams but kind of catchy. Next time I try "do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do. I'm RedneckBob and I sing it like I write it.
  7. I am not sure what time zone my sundial is in. Thanks.
  8. For all your tootaholics, there will be a singalong at 1PM today. Attendance is mandatory. Hear Goes: (to the music of "Old McDonald had a Farm") Holland America had some ships E I E I O And on these ships there were these horns E I E I O With a toot toot here And a toot toot there Here a toot there a toot Everywhere a toot toot Holland America had some ships E I E I O (repeat three times)
  9. Agree. Prefer HAL on longer cruises on exotic destinations like South Pacific and Voyage of the Vikings and 14 day Alaska cruises with no repeat ports. Like Celebrity for 10-14 day cruises with all inclusive packages. Entertainment on Celebrity much better. Since 1982 sailed HAL +50 times and since 2014 sailed Celebrity 11 times.
  10. New speedo. RedneckBob in a speedo; no explanation required!
  11. Celebrity has also suspended all cruises through May 11. My 4/13 cruise was cancelled on Reflection so I requested full refund; Celebrity stated that refunds will be received within 30 days
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