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  1. Sorry for your problems. Except for the problems this week at the State Vac site at University Mall, making an appointment in Hillsborough County has been a little easier. My DW got her second shot two weeks ago and my second shot is scheduled in two weeks. As far as 40% of seniors vaccinated to date in Florida, that is what the Governor said this am on a national news network. Per the Florida website of vaccinations as of yesterday, 25% of seniors have received first shot, 16% second shot. Sorry for the error but I guess I should not believe what politicians say 😳
  2. Vaccine rollout in Florida going very well. Governor started with front line workers and then seniors over 65. There are 4.3 million seniors in State and as of yesterday 40% had received first dose and many second dose. Besides State having centralized vaccinations sites in each county, Walmart, Publix & Winn Dixie Supermarkets giving shots with CVS and Walgreens to follow. This accounts for over 600 locations throughout State. Only problem is getting supplies to speed up shots.
  3. Amen. Vaccine distribution seems to be working in Florida so far. The Governor gave the vaccine to front line workers/ medical workers first with those over 65 years old next. As of yesterday 25% of seniors in State have received at least one dose. I go for my first shot tomorrow and my DW had her 2nd shot last Friday.
  4. Agree with your O assessment of the food and ambulance. But I also really never had bad meal on HAL. Once I discovered what not to order everything was ok 😀. My taste are very simple. Just give me a six pack burger package from Krystal, or Waffle House or Sonnys BBQ and I am just fine. PS: never heard of eating at a fine restaurant and have your laundry done at the same time!
  5. I guess Mission Impossible became “Elementary, my dear RedneckBob”. As most of y’all figured out each code represented the date of selling, ship (Equinox and Apex), what I originally paid for cruise and current price. Cruise number #4 is most interesting.12 day Caribbean that was a L&S from 5/2/21, now priced at $285/day/person. Over the past five years I have really enjoyed sailing Celebrity, great inclusive deals ranging in price from $135 to $175 per day per person for a Verandah, Deck 7. But I will not pay double the price for the same product. RedneckBob has sp
  6. Play golf in Palm Springs this week. Oh, that was cancelled due to by current restrictions in Cal.
  7. Thanks. Sailed on Oceania seven times; food is great, of course my opinion does not reflect others, accommodations great, showroom sucks, activities ok; have not sailed on Oceania since 2017 cause Celebrity offered better product that I like for price. Now things have changed.
  8. Yesterday I watched paint dry on my barn. Does that qualify?
  9. Well done, Chucktown Steve. I would expect a fellow Central Florida resider would figure it out, well, almost. Ships are Equinox and Apex. Cruise prices up to $280 per day per person in April 2022. I could sell on Oceania for that price.
  10. Good morning Cruise Critic Members. We have been informed that fellow CC Member, RedneckBob, that after 42 years of cruising, RNB has decided to stop cruising on Celebrity. This is a very disturbing development that requires everyone's immediate attention. Attached below is sets of numbers that apparently if decoded gives the reasons for RNB's refusal to sail on Celebrity. When analyzing the sets of numbers please remember we always measure apples to apples or oranges to oranges not peanuts to cashews. Your mission, CC Members, should you decide to accept it, is to to c
  11. No increase. In fact my cabin assigned for the 5/2/21 cruise was available for the April 2022 cruise.
  12. My TA originally told me that my cruise on 5/2/2021 did not qualify for the L&S. Then she called Celebrity direct and was able to get Celebrity to allow our reservation L&S outside the 28 day window.
  13. Our 5/2/2021 was cancelled on Equinox and was offered lift and shift for April 2022
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