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  1. Absolutely correct. I do not understand the confusion based on what you referenced.
  2. Also good snorkeling from beach. Can snorkel within few hundred feet of ship and can see large fish in ship channel.
  3. Actually I just got out my abacus, utilizes the equation F(x) = sin*cos/90 degrees x 3.14 and determined that the ship had 370 empty cabins which equals 70% booked as of 12:07 today.
  4. Could you let me know tonites lottery numbers 😳
  5. By making a fake booking on Celebrity I have found a way to find ships capacity assuming Celebrity has not blocked cabins. Also use a cruise travel website and do same to find out what cabins have not been sold. Currently on Equinox late October 2021 and ship has been between 62% to 67% booked for months
  6. Thanks for the reply and great info on your cruise. We do a b2b on the Apex in Nov. I grew up in Montgomery sometime last century.
  7. Hi Ken the Cruiser. What town are you from? Also, were you given a Covid test while on board for your b2b2b cruises ?
  8. Me too; and I thought Jacques was everyone’s favorite. It was very hard to make extra reservations once on board.
  9. Now how would know that? 😀 Several years ago I was watching the sailaway at Port Everglades and the Nieuw Amsterdam was passing buy. The camera zoomed onto a balcony and a couple were literally hanging over the balcony with no clothes on. I checked the internet and it was a chartered all nude cruise with HAL 😎 Oh I forgot to mention that I asked my DW for a pair of binoculars and I didn’t see the cloth under their behind.
  10. I faced this problem on a b2b2b, first two on Celebrity and third on HAL in Port Everglades. I was scheduled to arrive on the second cruise on 12/11/21 on Apex and board Nieuw Amsterdam on 12/11/21. I was told I could get a Covid test on Celebrity by Day 6 of second cruise but would cost $$$. So I opted to cancel HAL and rebook in February 2022
  11. Remember when almost all men wore tux to the MDR on formal nites and on some cruises wearing clothes were optional 😳
  12. Correction. It was the June 25, 2015 crash. Passengers were on off the Westerdam on a HAL excursion and the crash occurred at Lake Ella.
  13. If I recall nine people were killed in June 2017 when a float plane crashed outside Ketchikan into a mountain. The people were off the Westerdam on a HAL excursion. We were on the next sailing out of Seattle and all float plane excursions were stopped.
  14. Since HAL appears to be similar to Celebrity, Celebrity tests all b2b passengers on board by Day 6 of Cruise on a seven day cruise.
  15. Just read on RCL CC Thread that RCL has cancelled cruises on eleven different cruise ships, including ships out of Tampa, Miami and Ft Lauderdale as early as October 2021 through April 2022.
  16. Sorry Laffnvegas for your problems with no invite and problems with your bill. Should never happens, but it does. I have Billing issues on almost every cruise. One time we were not invited to the Mariners thing and found out we had most days on HAL on the cruise then anyone else! So things happen to put it mildly 😭
  17. Very nice shuttle service. A couple years ago I was in Sitka and the bus driver on the shuttle bus gave us a nice narration of Sitka along the way to town. Five minutes into the trip the bus driver told us, “Just over the hill, there is a McDonald’s on the right side of the road, and if things don’t work out, there is a hospital across from McDonald’s, and if things get really bad, there is a funeral home next to the hospital. I guess the funeral home was thinking outside the box 😁
  18. Maybe a better option would be to dine at the Pinnacle Grille in lieu of the MDR food upgrades.
  19. Has there been any discussion on passenger capacity for this first sailing ?
  20. Pre COVID I have had no problem getting to gate at FLL by 8:30 am. But I have pre TSA, and A List on Southwest.
  21. Seen everything at HMC expect whales. Use to snorkel on other side of island where there was plenty of fishes but storms have washed away beaches and only thing left is rocks. As in prior posts never wear shiny jewelry in water; attracts big fish as fish food or black flip flops. In 2019 in South Pacific on snorkel tour, man wore black flip flops in water and was bitten by lemon shark 😮
  22. HAL opens today to book cruises from Seattle to Alaska from July 24 to Oct 2; no stop in Canada. Yea! If it happens
  23. Oh no, no more mask! Is this the end of “Hi, ho, Silver, away” 😁 Does that help defuse some of the posts.
  24. If you are correct then I would not mind if my Equinox cruise to the Carribean in late October depart now from Bora Bora 😀
  25. For the OP. Buffets in Las Vegas are beginning to reopen. Clark County was scheduled to allow buffets at all hotels starting 5/1/21.
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