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  1. Excellent thread. Having sailed on HAL for over 37 years I agree with every post except I would like to add one more thing. The best thing for me is that HAL lowers it standards to allow someone named RedneckBob to board the boat.
  2. Ditto; let see I can get free Diet Cokes and bottled water on Oceania and I only pay $300 a day per person for a balcony while on HAL I pay for the drinks and pay $130 a day for a balcony. Economic 1 on 1! Say hello Walmart.
  3. Great to here. We were both very lucky!
  4. Could not said it better other than the thrill is gone. I find people want to talk about other things than cruising. I can't believe how people talk about so many personnel things hear, like medical conditions, don't like my job, and on and on. On our recent South Pacific cruise I set up some great tours and everyone was pleased. Have in the past tried to set up tours and was like crickets out there; more interested in not upsetting their dog while they are gone. Oh well.
  5. If you measure air miles port is just over a mile from airport but there are so many loop to loops 3 miles is about right. If you arrive on Dec 01, there are eight ships in port and it may take a little longer to get to airport.
  6. I felt crowded. Ships too small for number of passengers. Celebrity has same passenger load of several of their ships like the Equinox but ship has 25% more tonnage than HAL. Can really tell the difference in public areas.
  7. Did you see my Bass Pro Shop cap. Just call me Gator Bob, short for RNB
  8. And I thought that was reserved for me. Well, I be dogged!
  9. Your BS line is being too restrained. All HAL ships except the two new ones can go under the bridge. The Oosterdam was here two years ago. A dock will be built outside the Skyway some time this century.
  10. Ditto, but I think they got upset when I ate one pound of samples
  11. Just there a week ago with blue skies. Try the "Doughboy" at a local eatery. It was great!
  12. I live in the Tampa area and are very upset with HAL leaving after 25 years. They always had a great 14 day cruise. I have requested from Corporate several times Why? with no reason given.
  13. Ruby Princess. Forgot to mention that a few days before we had this great weather, locals said it rained, snowed, hailed and winds up to 60 mph for a week. Very lucky we were.
  14. As reported in a thread we were there last week, first and only ship in port, clear skies, in the mid 50's. I guess we were lucky
  15. Eye catching title. We were so early to Alaska that I opened a gift shop in Ketchacan on April 27th and the shop still had the last of season specials posted from when they closed on October 1, 2018 !
  16. Who would have thunk it ! Just off Ruby Princess to Alaska and got a great sun tan ! How did I do it ? Simple, between April 27 & April 30 we visited Ketchacan, Juneau, Shagway and Glacier Bay; no clouds, no snow, no rain, no hail, just cloudless blue skies. That was a first. And our final Victoria, ho hum, clear skies. Well since this happens every cruise I will be back. Ha
  17. We were first ship in Ketchacan. Juneau and Skaqway. Shops opened for first time when we arrived and they had great deals. Forgot to mention that our last port was Victoria and it was also a cloudless sky. First time I ever saw tops of mountains in Glacier Bay.
  18. Who would have thunk it ! Just took 11th cruise to Alaska and got burned. We were at Ketchacan, Juneau, Glacier Bay and Skaqway between April 27 to April 30, 2019 and it did not snow, it did not rain, it did not hail; bottom line it was 4 days of cloudless skies; only deep blue skies at the end of April. Never had been to Ketchacan when it did not rain. Bottom line I got a sun tan in Alaska. Temps's were in mid 50's but sun was hot. Incredible and stunning sights ! Is this normal for end of April ?
  19. Thanks for your feedback. As I may have mentioned earlier, disembarkation on these long cruises to the South Pacific are controlled chaos; mainly due to so many non US citizens having to go through Customs on the ship before anyone can get off. As far as Anytime Dining; there was always a line, and sometimes a long line for the opening at 5:15 PM. In fact people would line up so early, around 4:40 PM that HAL opened the doors at 5:05 PM almost every nite. Since we had a reserved table, we just walked in when it opened. Never got in line.
  20. Thanks KK! Actually I will be cruising on the Ruby Princess next week to Alaska and will be in Victoria on the same day as the Eurodam. While on board the Eurodam a couple of weeks ago I went to Guest Services and asked if I could board the ship in Victoria. The GS rep asked me, "Will you have any friends on board", which I replied, "the entire staff is my friend". I said I would like to dine at the Tamarind as long as the Ruby Princess is not sailing away into the sunset.
  21. Can't we all get a long and share. Several years ago I was at HMC with two boats; very crowded. Me and the Mrs. rented one of those clamshells w/two loungers. Arrived early; got crowded quick. Apparently all the shells were rented out. About 1 hour into our stay a couple next to us arrived next to us in their shell, put down their belongings and headed to the water. They asked us to watch their things. As soon as they left this lady decided to sit at the end of their loungers for which I said the chairs were taken, No Reply. Finally she said she needed to be out of the sun in the shade. Well for the next 2 hours she hoped between their lounger and ours sitting on the end of the lounger. Boy that was a great view! Bottom line, you just can't deal with people who are nuts.
  22. Maybe you did? Mostly in the cabin. Since I lost my "Privacy Sign" I had to borrow a sign outside the Lincoln Center and place in front of our cabin door. "Quiet Please. Performance in Progress" Did you see it?
  23. Hi gigianne, I was on this cruise and had no problem getting a lounger or chair as long as I arrived by 4 AM . Just kiddin'. It was not good so I relaxed on my balcony most of the sea days.
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