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  1. Currently Port Canaveral has 2 NCL ships, 1 Disney ship and 1 Carnival ship docked at the Port. Royal Caribbean has two ships returning on Sunday and Monday and Carnival has 1 other ship returning on Monday.
  2. Okay, since we are flying into LAX I guess I will have to try to find a place to purchase wine. Do you know if you can also purchase wine in Hawaii and bring it onboard?
  3. Anyone know how much a glass of Prisoner cab is on the ship or Caymus cab? Trying to figure out if it is better to buy by the bottle.
  4. Just FYI -- I bought a plastic foldable 4 cup holder with top handle on Amazon that fits in your pocket. I had thermal cups that fit. Haven't tried it on a cruise yet...February.
  5. Instructions should be on your Travel Summary "Transfer: Airport to Ship"
  6. All credits have now been refunded to my credit card. The only thing I did not get refunded was a credit that was transferred from a previous cancelled booking. This was a result of a non refundable deposit where Carnival keeps $50 per person and the rest I was able to transfer to the 8/31 sailing. I'm told it will stay as a credit and when I make a new booking I can apply it. The end!
  7. My personal opinion is they are waiting for the" re book by" deadline to pass. If you are not going to re book anything, I would call Revenue Accounting @ CCL (or have your TA call) and tell them you are not re booking anything and ask for the refund process to begin.
  8. Just be prepared that more than half of the passengers will be entitled platinum or diamond status. Not that there's a problem with that but just be aware.
  9. $10 hold when you put your credit card on embarkation day at the terminal.
  10. I never received a letter from CCL. I called CCL Revenue Accounting (advised them I did not intend to re-book) and they were very professional and told me what I needed to do. They also sent me a copy of the CCL letter. I have received all refunds to credit cards with the exception of one....still waiting.
  11. First time I called airline (12/22) and asked to talk to a supervisor who said "no"...I noted, time, date and his name. When I contacted CCL (a week or so later) they indicated they needed something directly from the airline denying my refund. When I called airline for the second time to ask for the documentation denying my request, the agent referred me to a supervisor, the supervisor approved the refund and it has been credited to my cc
  12. I did call directly to advise (a) I am not re-booking a cruise and (b) I never received the letter. They sent the letter and everything has been refunded except for one credit card charge. The revenue accounting agent was very professional and accommodating. I would think they would wait to see how many are re-booking using the credit, etc., and moving original payments for the Mardi Gras to the new booking. Just my thought process.
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