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  1. When does Princess offer 3 for Free sale? Do you consider this the best deal they offer??
  2. That's good to know. I didn't think the RCL benefit "rolled up"to Celebrity. I knew it "rolled down" if you were Elite on Celebrity you would have Diamond benefits on RCL. Good info. Thanks.
  3. Check the shore excursions for your cruise. If you are arriving at Port Canaveral, they usually do offer a tour to the Space Center.
  4. I'm not sure how Carnival air does work but only know you cannot book or see your selection on their website....you must call. I guess my point was that since Princess is a Carnival Corp company as is Carnival and others, it would seem that might offer the same system. Maybe someday...
  5. Princess (which is Carnival Corp) lets you book and control your air/pricing online so you can see what you get. I wish Carnival would do the same. Princess EZAir was exceptional for international flights (only one I have used) and since it was Delta I was able to go to my account on the Delta website and select my seats (even before final payment). However, I understand that not airlines offer this advance seat selection so it's good to understand which airlines allow this option.
  6. We also used Viator for our 2 day St Petersburg Russia tour. It was a really good and reliable experience and we wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
  7. Good idea but Princess told me that once the cruise is cancelled it cannot be moved!! Go figure??
  8. I would guess because I have not rebooked anything, that is why I will be losing the bonus gift cards. I have about $3500 worth of gift cards that I can reapply when I decide what I want to do.
  9. I cancelled on 8/9. I was told it could take a couple of weeks and that I need to check the "gift card balance" on each gift card # that was submitted for confirmation.
  10. Guess I got my answer. I lose bonus gift card value (I guess I didn't technically pay for them so that makes sense) and the electronic gift cards are refunded individually to what was applied to the account (not one hard card for total). Oh well, another lesson learned.
  11. They are paper copies (electronic gift cards) and yes, I do have them. I was hoping they would give me one hard (plastic) card for the entire amount (10 gift cards). Since the bonus gift cards had a timeline (apply by date and they were applied by that date) I wonder if I will be losing those bonus amounts. I called Princess and have gotten a couple of different answers so I guess I will just have to wait and see.
  12. Anyone have experience with getting a refund from Princess for several gift cards used toward payment and how it was refunded? I had to cancel a cruise and I had 10 gift cards (Princess) that included 6 of the bonus gift cards that were offered. Was the refund put back on each individual (paper i.e., electronic) gift card or did you received the entire amount in a new gift card? Also did you get a refund on the bonus gift cards?
  13. Just make sure the State they are in truly has "enhanced" driver's license. There are only a handful of states that do have this option. Many think because it has a holograph or star that it is enhanced. I would travel with original birth certificate and government issued i.d. if you do not have a passport or passport card.
  14. We also enjoy inside cabins that is until my husband became ill and the odor from the regurgitation was almost unbearable. I always carry a small can of lysol with me and that really came in handy but of course getting fresh air in the room would have been most ideal.
  15. Cancelled a shore excursion on 6/21 for upcoming sailing on 10/24. No credit appeared on my account or credit to my credit card. Called Princess and was told it would more than likely be an on board credit. I then asked where online I could see the credit posted to my account. End result, they said I would receive a credit on my credit card 10-15 days from today. This is the second time I had to call (2 different cancellations) and I had to ask for a credit to my credit card. Just FYI
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