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  1. Mardi Gras has not had it first passenger sailing so it should be green. I think 7/31 is their possible target date for first sailing.
  2. It just showed up and I was able to get a confirmation. Delayed response??
  3. I tried but did not get any confirmation and when I retried with the same data it gave me a "its already in your cart" message but there is nothing in the cart and nothing on my itinerary. We are not sailing until 8/21 so maybe it is closer to your sail date that you get a confirmation.
  4. That's what I thought at first. However when you read the description it seems more in line with a private dining option rather than main dining but I'm not really sure.
  5. Noted that the Dining Room is now an option under specialty dining but I'm not really sure what this is and what the cost would be. It appears in the description that it is a speciality dining but no pricing. Does anyone know anything about this option?
  6. I think the question will become "if" they keep the shareholder credit as it is right now.
  7. I have a feeling this is a "dry run" for the crew.
  8. New non smoking casino in place of the conference rooms. I understand the regular casino (located on another deck) will still be "non smoking areas" but smoking is allowed.
  9. They use to have a free open air vehicle for transportation from the ship area to the entrance to Nassau. Don't know if they will have it now
  10. Sort of like being the Press Secretary.....you have to learn to spin the news when no real content is available. Must be the hardest job in the world!
  11. Thanks for sharing. I think the whole world is in for a "reset" and no one is quite sure what that will look like.
  12. It just proves that being vaccinated does not prevent you from contracting COVID so anyone that is cruising and has been vaccinated is not excused from having to quarantine. I would just have to say it would be a huge disappointment to have to be restricted to quarantine but I guess that's the chance we take if we cruise. So many unknowns.......
  13. Technology is advancing. I'm hearing that everything will be done through the app from embarkation to on/off ship in Ports, to menus, to room service. We will see. Oh, Oh, just heard 3K passengers are quarantined in Singapore!!
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