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  1. You might want to see what islands are actually open in the Caribbean as so many ports of call have recently be substituted. Caribbean is great for outside deck activities We have done both, Hawaii a few times and Caribbean many times. If you love water sports, definitely the Caribbean but the Hawaiian Islands are beautiful. Travel to/from port has always been a consideration for us in determining what cruise to select. The first few days sailing to Hawaii from the west coast can also present rough seas. You mentioned it was "free" so either one is a win.
  2. Cabin tool checker is a good site to view what's above/below your cabin location.
  3. Agreed. Elation is an older, smaller ship but in my experience the staff was outstanding. Magic class ships have always been my favorite.....not too big....not too small!
  4. That happens more often than you know. IMO Rapid tests are not as accurate as PCR.
  5. That information is located in the fine print of the benefit statement.
  6. If anyone can figure out these conflicting directive, kudos to you. I'm tired of all this, very, very tired!
  7. Call Carnival directly to get the answer from the "horses mouth" so to speak. You can continue to test positive up to 90 days. I believe the general rule for most employers for a positive person to return to work is "symptom free for 72 hrs......meaning no fever, etc." If the person continues to have issues such as breathing problems they should always contact their doctor for direction. I don't believe employers require a negative test prior to returning to the workplace.
  8. It is my understanding that you have to provide the cruise lines with the appropriate papers certifying the dogs are true service dogs. They also have to have all of the appropriate vaccinations. So I don't think anyone can just bring their dog along!
  9. You will see a big difference! Carnival is at the lower end of the Carnival Corp market and most of their ships are geared for families and young adults, with a lot of onboard activity well into the night whereas HA is geared more to older adults, some families, but not so heavy into the nightlife. Both are great for different reasons. As someone previously said, the longer cruises (longer than 7/8 days) don't seem to attract very young families, probably because of time and/or the cost. Life is what you make it!
  10. Try to stay away from summer, spring break or holidays and you will be okay. Remember Carnival's market is family and that includes children. We just don't prefer to sail during summer, spring break or school holidays.
  11. LOL! I think we've all been there at one time or another! I always threatened to cruise by myself!!
  12. PVP - personal vacation planner TA - travel agent Usually PVP are cruise line agents, majority work from hom
  13. Princess has 8/15/22 r/t NY 16 days with three stops in Greenland.
  14. Princess has a 16 day out of NY with three stops in Greenland....8/15 2022
  15. Princess is part of the Carnival family. I actually have the 16 day version booked for 2022 and looking foward to a few days in Greenland.!
  16. Simple, call Carnival for clarification (record the name of the person you spoke to, date and time) and it will put your mind at ease. Why spend your time worrying and risk being denied boarding??
  17. My January cruise has disappeared from my cruises on the my Carnival website page. I have a booking number but I can't find anywhere on the site where I can search by booking number. I don't have hours to sit on the phone calling and waiting for a response and thought someone else my have (or had) the same issue and could help???
  18. I thought the Glory was in New Orleans housing the hurricane victims but not 100% sure this is accurate.
  19. Pick your own cabin. You can go to a site like cabintoolchecker and see where the cabin you want is located. I always do midship, cabins below, cabins above. Stay clear of over the theater or night club unless noise doesn't bother you. I once had a cabin over the kitchen service area and the carts start rolling early in the a.m. and once had a cabin above the theater where the base actually reverberated in my chest. Remember there are rehearsals during the day so it isn't limited to just night time but could include nap time! Good luck!
  20. We get offers from Carnival, RCL and Holland America. By far, the HA offers the better options. My next cruise is $750 free play for both my DH and myself with a free interior cabin. Just returned from H/A Alaska with free outside cabin and $250 free play/drinks/for both my DH and myself. RCL only offered free interior cabin, no free play.
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