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  1. Oh no! The absolute worst day is coming. I have so enjoyed cruising vicariously through your posts, and those of your fellow travellers. Thank you very much for starting this thread.
  2. Thanks so much for the review. Reviews such as yours make this wait for cruising to resume tolerable.
  3. I enjoyed your last report, and look forward to tagging along again. Thank you for including us!
  4. I have so enjoyed this cruise with you and your wife, Miaminice, thank you very much for taking us along!
  5. I've enjoyed reading your posts, Petra. Thank you very much to you and your fiance for taking the time to share your holiday with the rest of us.
  6. Yes, please! I would rather you continued the review until you got back home, to be honest! 😂
  7. This entry got quite a few loud snorts from me! So funny! Thanks Annie for this review. It's written well and I am enjoying the humour. It's taking me back to some of our favourite spots in the Caribbean.
  8. Celebrity has confirmed the wonderful news. 👍 FCC will be send to the email register in the group, and it will be a PDF voucher showing amount per passenger, voucher number and redeem instructions. FCC are issue per person, which means, guest are not forced to travel together. As long as guest travel before December 31st, 2021. furthermore, certificates are non- transferable and not cash redeemable.
  9. Thank you all for your responses. That gives me considerable relief. I couldn't bear the very thought of the likely strife that would result from the alternative.
  10. Our group was booked on the 11 Night New Orleans and Mexico cruise, scheduled to sail on April 21 from Fort Lauderdale. We booked it exactly two years ago, and chose it for the three days in NOLA during the jazz festival. Now we have a problem because Celebrity does not have this itinerary in its future scheduled cruises. It appears only once, on February 7, 2021. This date will not work for a number of us because it’s the beginning of the school year here in South Africa. For others though, it doesn’t matter, and they would like to rebook the cruise for this date. What we don’t know
  11. I'm waving right back, Heather. I visit our roll call every day, and have been keeping up with your countdown. I'm just quieter than Mark! 😂 I promise to speak up more.
  12. I sent an email to our TA asking how our group could make this work. She wrote back to say she had forwarded my query to Celebrity. There has been no response yet.
  13. I have a similar concern as the leader of a group booked in 16 cabins. One person has told me she is definitely not going. I'm worried about her roommate - they are not related, just friends. I'm also worried about a domino effect of cancellations. We are in South Africa and many of us are booked on flights arriving in the US a week before the sailing. Does anyone know how this FCC works for a group? Because of CC I find I often know more than our TA what's going on.
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