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  1. Would you please add us to the Future Cruise Sticky Thread? Oct 9 - R/T Nassau - Sagavista (Ed/Michael) Thank you.
  2. Would you please add us to the Future Cruise Sticky Thread? October 9 - R/T Nassau - Sagavista (Ed/Michael) Thank you -
  3. Thank you for your interesting and fascinating account of the Bahamas. I think you have the workings for an interesting novel. You have only increased my interest in our upcoming visit to your country. Best and keep well.
  4. Since HAL ships are registered in the Netherlands maybe they can do cruises between the dutch islands of the Caribbean: St. Maarten, Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire? It's an idea!
  5. Maybe HAL hasn't finalized the schedule.
  6. Fred Olsen paid a lot less for the Rotterdam and Amsterdam - I think I will wait for the "buy one get one free coupon" in my local PennySaver before I pay $50m each for the Zaandam and/or Volendam.
  7. Remember the Borealis world cruise does not return to the United States so you have to make your own arrangements to fly back home with ALL the luggage. You should factor that additional cost into the final cost of the voyage.
  8. Just an FYI - Carnival still has some old tonnage in its fleet it hasn't disposed of and Princess has not been touched to date. I would expect those lines will be pared down before additional HAL tonnage is reduced.
  9. Is the possible new owner willing/able to put a $100 million+ into each ship (not peanuts) to update and fix 25+ year old ships? It goes back to the old question, do you buy a used car or a new car?
  10. There is no source to the demise of the Pacific Princess. It's a RUMOR! All ships have a price for sale - I would think CCL would offer a good price to either Azamara or Oceania to add to their fleet. Although do they have the $$$$ to buy?
  11. Just received a notice from Cunard that they are cancelling the published 2022 cruises of the QM2. This is the second Cunard voyage that has been cancelled. FCC is a joke as the line doesn't know what to expect, so why rebook? It makes no sense to publish a schedule at all. Frustrated.
  12. FYI - There was also an article in yesterday's NYTimes on the Diamond Princess and Covid-19. Not good.
  13. The only itinerary Fred Olsen has announced to America is a 34 day cruise from the UK to the east coast of the US on the Balmoral. Don't think HAL has much to worry about. Besides if they do base a ship in the US, competition is good.
  14. I'm sure the Stephen Card paintings are going to be removed for future ships.
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