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  1. I have been to most of the spots.. the cruise out of San Juan is port intensive, but the best ports IMO
  2. Great they weren’t full and had a room to move you to
  3. That’s one of my points exactly ...I think Breakfast is the most subjective of all meals.
  4. Wish there was a way to quote and remove pics...maybe there is and I haven’t figured it out! Anyway, looking forward to your report!! We must travel at similar times, last trip report I did CC went down for upgrades in the middle too! Have a great cruise
  5. Good question Jim! With school still in session, I’m now wondering if this is a good comparison for my upcoming cruise. Ppl say Alaska is for older ppl but I think that’s changed. I guess I will find out soon
  6. Looking forward to reading more...we will be on here soon and have been so curious about how it’s goin this year!! Thx so much for sharing
  7. I would do $20 pp if all was great
  8. Brand new hotel opening on May 19 i was just looking into them and their rates seem competitive and nothing like a new hotel Thought I would share in case anyone is still looking for a hotel this season
  9. HI everyone! I have been on whale watching excursions in Hawaii.. saw some but not great. I have seen great photos of some from ppl on Alaska excursions.. but what about all the photos we don't see because the whales are too far away?? Thus, as I narrow down all the things to do in such a short time.. has anyone ever seen a whale from their balcony?? Thanks
  10. Gluttony and velocity!! Very good points
  11. We went on one a few years back... the demographic will be similar to a summer cruise. Holiday decorations, events, and meals. It’s a fun way to spend the holidays
  12. Amazing is definetly subjective.... my amazing breakfast is probably different from yours...but at the end of the day it is just breakfast...can it ever be amazing to everyone?!?
  13. I was just reading some reviews and there were your typical comments about the breakfast buffet just being ok. Have you you ever had a breakfast buffet that was absolutely amazing???
  14. Just searched pineapple costumes on amazon.. lots to choose from
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