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  1. bup1224

    Keneally beach

    If the original poster did, Grote Knip (Kenepa Grandi) is fabulous!
  2. bup1224

    Keneally beach

    In Curaçao??? I live here and never heard of it
  3. Walk across the Queen Emma floating bridge and look for Casper Tours right by the tourist info booth, $15 per person. The lock heart is right there as well so no need for a tour to see that.
  4. Parking is free at the Renaissance hotel by the port and also in the dirt lots around the port. IMO, that's alot of driving in 1 day. I would suggest going to Shete Boka first before the heat of the day, and beach hop on the West side.
  5. Keep in mind this hotel is currently closed for a complete renovation and will be Dreams Resort when it reopens, currently scheduled for December 2019, no idea if they will do day passes
  6. Yes, that's the Kaminda Doktor road. They are usually there but not always
  7. Sometimes yes but the flamingos will move further away when people are around
  8. No guarantee but they are usually either at Jan Kok (up near WillIbrodus) or Kaminda Doktor Amado Romer which is the road between Blue Bay and Kokomo beach.
  9. There are tours right as you cross over the Queen Emma floating bridge that are much cheaper than those at the port. Casper Tours stands at/near the info booth and does a short city tour/stop at the original distillery, bus tour of Jan Thiel area and a (1 or 2 hour stop) at Mambo beach. Currently it's $15 per person
  10. No hills but some of the streets in Punda are brick, mostly even. Not sure what your mobility issues are, but I do see guests with walkers, canes and scooters in Punda and they seem to be getting around fine.
  11. Ok first, the decor downtown will be in the Renaissance area, Rif Fort (right off the ship), Otrobanda on the Brionplein and the Queen Emma bridge has lights and in Punda normally in the Wilhelmina Wilhelmina Plein, all within walking distance of the port (5 to 10 minutes depending on how fast you walk). The Christmas tree is normally on the Punda side right after you walk over the Queen Emma bridge. A few stores in Punda usually are open on a holiday when a ship is in port, again historically from maybe 10 AM to 2 pm. West side beaches are about an hour from port and unless you take a tour, renting a car is your best option. Mambo beach area is close to port but not like the West beaches with cliffs, etc. but there are shops there (honestly not sure if those will be open on Christmas day). Please keep in mind that our beaches will be crowded with not only cruise ship guests, but other tourists and locals as well.
  12. I'm going to guess and say $20-$25.
  13. Rob on a cruise ship day, our beaches are usually crowded (especially with a larger ship). With that being said, for what you are looking for which sounds like a calmer water beach, take a look at Mambo beach or Blue Bay. Perhaps a day pass at Avila, Santa Barbara Resort or even the Renaissance hotel. Here are the taxi rates.
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