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  1. I’ve contributed...just making an observation. I appreciate the comments and pictures people share about the ship here.
  2. I feel like not many people are talking about Encore here. I’m comparing it to how many comments were posted so often for Bliss and Escape leading up to its first sailing. There were so many questions and a lot of excitement mixed in with of course the concerns. We sail on Encore next fall and I look forward to coming to these threads to see updates.
  3. Thank you! Last year the lot was still full because of delays due to a coast guard inspection so we parked two blocks away. Hopefully next year we can be in the terminal parking lot.
  4. Hi all quick question...I’m sailing out of New York on Encore. I wanted to know if you are required to leave your keys with the parking attendant when you park at the Manhattan cruise terminal? I was searching the boards and can’t seem to find a post about it. Thanks!!
  5. Hi maybe I missed this on another post but I was wondering if anyone had a copy from the most recent sailings? Thank you!
  6. One last post. I found the day 7 dailies. Also the disembarkation information and the Splash Academy schedule.
  7. My husband enjoyed watching football from his room even though at times the connection cut out or they showed soccer instead. Once they showed the baseball game. I enjoyed the parties late at night with my extended family. I just felt they were better last year. Maybe it was the crowd but the DJ just wasn't great this time. There were times when people just wanted to stand around and watch instead of get on the floor and dance. The Miami crowd was quite different. Also different this time, some of the drinks. Mr Worldwide and Bahama Mama's were pre made. The Bahama Mama was still good and strong but not Mr. Worldwide. That was disappointing but it made me try other drinks that I never had before and they weren't pre made. Day 5 (thursday) was the 90's party. I thought it would be a great addition to the entertainment offerings but the attendance was low and it wasn't well promoted. None of the entertainment staff showed up to host and they just put together random clips to go along with the music that didn't even match. The DJ didn't even seem into it. People just stood around while little kids danced on the floor. That was something I noticed that was different from last year. This year it seemed the staff mostly didn't care if kids were in areas that were adult only. The teens were well behaved so I didn't mind them being there for the parties but the little ones took over the area. One night there was one boy in Skyline dancing in the middle of a circle around midnight. It took a while but security finally came and told the family he wasn't allowed there. It was such a buzzkill having little kids around like that. The final day going back home was extremely rocky and many felt ill including my husband who spent the whole day in bed despite taking his motion sickness medicine. Thankfully my kids were't affected but it was hard to walk around with the ship moving like that. I think a ship of that size handled the rough seas quite well. We got home safely and disembarkation was a breeze. We stayed in our room until 9am on the dot. We chose the purple tags. They were ahead of schedule and we were in our car in less than an hour. The customs line moved quickly and we found our bags right away. That was the quickest ever for us. We were home in 45 minutes. All in all I enjoyed our trip. It was great and relaxing. I hope the dailies help. I'm still searching for the Splash schedule and day 7 dailies. scan0004.pdf scan0005.pdf
  8. Each day we attended some trivia or party line dancing class which was fun. By the third day temps were warming up on the deck which was nice. Leaving out of Miami had us spoiled with the weather. Day 3 we attended the 80s party which we missed last year due to being a food coma after we ate at Teppanyaki. I'm glad we went because it was so much fun! Mostly people stood around singing while watching the video screen. But we had a great time with our drinks to keep us warm out there in the wind. Wednesday we were hoping to dock by 530 or 6pm but it was closer to 7pm for some reason. We didn't bother venturing out at night with the kids. It was a bummer missing a whole day in Bermuda. The next day we got our start at 9am with a tour of the island. We visited BAMZ (aquarium, museum and zoo). It's small but beautiful. You feel close to the animals and can really enjoy observing them. And you get a little history about Bermuda. At the end there's a gift shop and a park where the kids can play before you leave. We also went to Horseshoe Bay. We almost had the beach to ourselves. I guess because at that point the water was quite cold. The temp was in the low 70's that day. The beach was so beautiful! We saw the pink sand and clear water. We went to Fort Scaur. I totally recommend it. It is cool to see as an adult but it's even more interesting for kids. You just have to make sure you watch them because there are so areas where there aren't any guard rails. You have incredible views of the island and the water from there. The entire island is incredible and I love seeing the history of the island. It's clean and the people are friendly. They had great souvenir shops within the dock and in Clocktower Mall. I recommend trying Gosling's Rum when you're there. It's 140 proof.
  9. Alvin was our cruise director. We had Tyler Gray last year and I enjoyed him so I didn't know what to expect this time but Alvin was wonderful. He has an infectious laugh and he is very friendly. Jojo was the assistant cruise director. It was nice to see him again. Last year he was apart of the entertainment staff. This time we only went to the main dining room, The Manhattan Room, twice. Each time the food came out quick and was delicious. On the other days I had no desire to go to the MDR after looking at the menus on the touchscreens. The menu items just didn't sound appealing and we found it easier to get food from the buffet and bring it back to our room so the kids could eat there. We did return to Food Republic as our only specialty restaurant this time. It was amazing again. I noticed some prices went up and some items were no longer on the menu but it was pretty empty in there. The food came out quick. The drinks were good. I had the Toro Toro, it was spicy! That's my fav restaurant. This evening we went to Howl at the Moon which we missed last year. I regret not going last time because the show was amazing. We ended up going again later in the week. Those guys are so talented. It was fun singing along with the crowd and enjoying their comedy in the middle of the great songs. I totally recommend it. We didn't attend any comedy shows, not interested. We went to After Midnight. The show was good but the cast last year was out of this world! This year something was lacking. A good show this year just not outstanding. scan0003.pdf
  10. Still working on getting all the dailies scanned..Back to the review. We had a 3 (just turned 4 last week) year old and a 5 year old so this time we wanted to try Splash. I was happy they could be in the same age group on the ship because this was our first time trying out Splash. It was a huge success. They loved going, never complained. The counselors are wonderful. If you use their services make sure you give them a tip and show a little extra appreciation. They work hard and the kids love being around them. My kids participated in the circus show on the final day. It looked like a lot of work for the counselors to organize but it was a wonderful show and my kids loved every minute of it. As a parent it was nice to have a break to enjoy shows or dinner by ourselves too. We had a "handy phone" or pager that the counselors provided us with in case of emergency. If you indicate your child needs assistance in the bathroom or some other issue they will give you the pager so they can contact you. My kids used the bathroom on their own but I was paged once when my son pinched his finger in the bathroom door. It was a minor cut but I took him out that one day. Otherwise everything was fine. scan0002.pdf
  11. Day 1...We went on to the ship and were greeted much the same way as last year. No major fanfare but smiling staff members saying hello to us. I still miss the bigger welcomes into the Atrium on other ships but it was no big deal. Of course with the delays everything was pushed back so our rooms were not ready and they encouraged us to have lunch in the buffet. Of course wait times for elevators were a bit long. So many others have wasted time talking about the elevators but I won't. It is what it is. We did take the stairs quite a lot. Maybe that's Norwegian's sneaky way to get us to exercise while on vacation. The buffet of course was jam packed and it was hard to find a seat. We settled for empty lounge chairs on the cold deck. It was the only choice we had. I felt that the choices at the buffet were lacking, only in regards to lunch and dinner. We always found something to eat and we never felt ill but I just wished for something else at times. Of course food is different for everyone. I can't say I had any bad meals just not a lot of options I cared for. The options they had were perfect for my little picky eaters. They got their fill of hot dogs, chicken tenders, french fries, bacon, fruit and more. We had the UBP as our promo. And again the Escape bartenders are heavy handed and amazing. Our fav was "515" at the Buffet bar. He made the best drinks and really looked out for us. Pretty much everywhere we encountered very friendly staff on the ship (with the exception of one person, ill get to that later). They stopped to say hello, they had smiles on their faces. I regularly saw supervisors stopping guests to ask how their trip was going and take down their room number. The crowd on the ship was also very friendly and ready to have a great time. Around 3pm they announced some rooms were ready on the upper decks. We were on deck 13 in an angled balcony so we rushed off to go check out our room. I picked this room because we had the same one last year on deck 11 and loved the extra space. The room was great to have again and with two adults and two kids we had plenty of room for all our stuff once we unpacked. We actually had space we didn't use. So the one person we encountered who seemed very tired or unhappy was our dear room steward. I won't name him. He never introduced himself and he generally seemed like he had an attitude. I know he took one sick day. The only time I saw him smile is when he knocked on our day the final day to remind us we had to be out by 9am. Otherwise he wasn't friendly. He also never properly cleaned our room. There was stuff under the bed and it was never fully vacuumed. I wasn't bothered enough to talk to him or his supervisor. It was just my observation. This was a first for me. I do feel for the staff who work long hours and spend long amounts of time away from family. scan0001.pdf
  12. Getting back into real life caused delays in my review... I'll try not to drag this out. Last year I did a review of our couples trip on the Escape. This year we went back with our family. There was 19 of us traveling together. We were excited to leave from New York for the first time. We live in New Jersey so this was very convenient. I had read so many negative things about the Manhattan Cruise Terminal so I was nervous.The day we got there is the same day the Coast Guard was doing inspections so yes the port was packed. it also meant the parking lot was closed because it was full. Everyone wasn't off the ship when we arrived so we had to park two blocks away. The good thing about that is we saved $80. The total cost of parking for the week was $200. It was easy to walk across the street with our bags and two strollers. Also we got the call the day before to come at noon or later. So we got there around 12;45pm. Our inlaws left their bags with the porters then went to walk around the city while they waited. When we got in the port one of the staff told people to walk to the right for check in and we got on the long line. After 20 minutes of waiting in a warm terminal I overheard a woman on line say "Half of these people probably don't even know they're on the wrong line." At that moment another staff member yelled out, if anyone was doing general check in to go on a different line. We were in the Casino line. Once we were on the correct line it did move quickly. It went pretty quick and the staff were trying their best to keep everyone smiling and moving. In less than an hour we were getting our key cards and on our way up the ramp to the ship. It was not like what I read thankfully. On to the ship...
  13. We first went on Escape last year in November for a couples trip and fell in love with the ship. We returned this year 10/28-11/4 with our kids and extended family. Different experience but we all had a wonderful week. More to come including dailies...
  14. When we were on Escape on Thursday they had a Motown night with a live band and some of the After Midnight cast performs.
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