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  1. yuvraj

    Worrying YouTube video - Ventura

    I was on the Ventura earlier this year (post re-fit). Quite a few things caught my eye which seemed to suggest that they neglected quite a few areas during the refresh. We enjoyed our cruise and didn't feel the need to go round looking for faults.
  2. I have faced this situation many times and my preference is to book a day room at a local hotel, dump my bags there and enjoy the rest of the day at the port. Much more fun than trying to hang around the ship as long as you can. There are websites that offer day room rates. Also, if you contact local hotels, depending on how busy they are, they will offer day room rates even if not advertised. I find booking a hotel near the airport the best option. That way not far to travel from hotel to terminal and you have an opportunity to rest and freshen up in your room. On my last cruise, I did consider booking an excursion where you do some sightseeing and then get dropped off at the airport. Personally, I prefer the freedom of organising my own day. Uber is easy to get in FLL and a great way to get around.
  3. I have mobility problems and although I have sailed solo, I often go to the WJ myself. It is challenging but not as difficult as OP might suggest. First I avoid very busy times. It is difficult to navigate, find a table, get a member of staff to help. Other times, everything falls into place. Usually a member of staff will offer to carry your tray, get you a drink etc. I also find it helpful to join other people and share a large table instead of sitting by myself. That solves all the problems of losing your space and having your food taken away. It is difficult but many things in everyday life tend to be difficult if you have a disability. We just have to find a way to adapt.
  4. yuvraj

    Marriage license required?

    So much easier to get a passport and take it with you even if it is not required IMO.
  5. I never pay for a drinks package. Instead I pay for drinks individually and my bill never exceeds the cost of a drinks package.
  6. yuvraj

    In room safe sizes

    Don't know dimensions but I have often found the safe not big enough to comfortably hold all of my valuables. So my solution has always been to put large items like laptops etc. in the suitcase and padlock it. The risk of someone walking off with my suitcase is IMO quite low compared to just storing items away in drawers.
  7. yuvraj

    A bit tacky?

    I don't find the tip jars tacky. You can leave some money in appreciation if you want and I am ok with that.
  8. I buy wine frequently on my European cruises. Sometimes I have been able to keep the bottles. On other occasions, I have had to hand them in and collect them on the last day. Either way there isn't a problem with buying wine at ports.
  9. yuvraj

    Diamond- +

    Just to confirm what others have said there is no concierge lounge on Oasis. Only option available for D+ is the Diamond Lounge.
  10. yuvraj

    Port Fatigue - Caribbean

    Over 30 yrs of cruising. Never felt obliged to get off at port. Depends on a lot of factors : my mood, the weather and whether there is anything at the port that appeals.
  11. yuvraj

    Boarding pass changes

    Ultimately, it removes the need to have check-in desks with the vast majority doing everything online. Then all that is required is for passports to the verified as you enter the terminal or board the ship. That to me would be a positive as the check-in lines can be quite long sometimes unless you have priority.
  12. I have found the suite experience on the Oasis class ships to be really great and if the price is right, I would happily book a suite on these ships. Quantum class ships are not my favourite and I would be less inclined to book a suite but you still get the VIP experience and I wouldn't rule it out. Other ships, for me the suite experience is nothing special and given the premium in price, I would avoid booking a suite. For those wondering, yes I have stayed in suites in all three of above categories (Indy, Allure, Oasis and Anthem). One thing I have learnt is to never compare the experiences on one line to another. I have stayed in suites on QM2 and Celebrity and they were totally different experiences to RC.
  13. Most likely be the same. The disembarkation terminal will depend on location of your cabin IMO. Still best to check with guest services once on the ship.
  14. yuvraj

    British Cuisine

    I very much hope that bashing British cuisine on this thread is just banter. On that basis, best for not to contribute any further.
  15. It's not allowed but I see some people do it and it really annoys me.