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  1. Been on both many times and leave on Pride this weekend. I would always pick Pride over Breeze. It seems silly but the thing I like most is that when you leave the dining room (either floor) you are led out onto a deck with bars and what not but if you're in the aft dining room on Breeze you're stuck waiting for elevators to go up for anything. I also find the Breeze annoying with the lines for pretty much everything. I've no plans to go back on Breeze.
  2. Price of parking in NYC is generally proportional to the size of the parking space, so if you don't care about your car getting scratched, go with cheap parking which will be in really narrow spaces. If you do care about your car, then just make sure the ratings are really high. I've never had a problem parking in NYC for the day but always used places that park the car for me. I've parked at the cruise terminal 4 times and like how wide the parking spaces are and feel that the extra money is well spent.But yeah, I think it's like $240 or something which feels like a serious rip-off and the lot always has empty spaces so I'm sure there are other good options.
  3. Has anyone done this tour? https://www.viator.com/tours/Martinique/Discover-La-Baignoire-de-JosephineLe-Francois-Boat-and-shuttle/d4316-68130P5 Just trying to get some input, seems highly rated but I was surprised to not see anyone mention it here.
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