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  1. We received the FCC nearly a month ago but no credit yet for paid excursions or EZAir flight.
  2. We received a similar email today only it was an update on our future cruise. (We opted for FCC instead of a refund.) It said we would receive another email once the credit was available. But....we received the FCC nearly a month ago. ???
  3. Our Oct. 2020 cruise was just canceled and today we received a $5.90 refund for the distilled water purchase. Nothing else yet though! 🙂
  4. On our B2B we got off the ship to find more wine and Fritos. And it's so much fun to pass all the people waiting in line to board when we return 🙂.
  5. I received a notice from Princess on March 12 that our May Alaska cruise had been cancelled and there was a form to fill out for either a refund or FCC. I filled it out that day and received confirmation. Then on April 6 from Costco--- Our records show you have one or more active cruise bookings on a sailing that has been cancelled by Princess Cruises. We have not received a response from you, which is required in order to cancel your booking. That was the first I'd heard from Costco so what was I suppose to respond to? I filled out their survey and got a confirmation on that too. Now to see when the refunds for Princess shore excursions and Princess airfare show up.
  6. Welcome home Kathi! It was good to hear that your journey was fairly uneventful. I was thinking that perhaps a new thread should be started with a daily trivia quiz. 😃 Happy cruising in the future. --Susie
  7. One of our favorite trips has to be the South Pacific/French Polynesia cruise. Friendly people, beautiful scenery and wonderful snorkel trips.
  8. I thought we had received just one form but checked now with DH and he received one in his email which if different from mine. So we did have one for each person.
  9. Kathi, on a totally different note, when you have a chance check out Joann Fabrics for Lion Brand Cupcake yarn. I thought of the Project Linus blankets when I saw it-and right now it's 1/2 price!
  10. Kathi, thanks so much for your reports-and of course the trivia! Have an uneventful journey home and I look forward to more trivia in the future ☺️. Hope to see you again sometime on another cruise. --Susie
  11. Way to go with the trivia wins! And how fitting to have a knitting question. Go team!
  12. Thanks for the information.
  13. When you look at your Payments section does it just say "Onboard Credit" or is it notated in some other way? Does it show as $100 each for the first 2 people in the cabin or a single $200 post? We have a May 9 sailing and I think what's listed for us is what we have from when we first signed up. Thanks!
  14. Or try a good mayo-curry dipping sauce!
  15. We ended up getting great airfares through the Princess EZ airfare program.
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