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  1. We had to unplug one of the lamps but we did find an outlet behind the bed. If I remember we did need an adapter for the plug in order to use our US plug.
  2. Hey Gig Harbor-Vashon here. We did Antarctica in Jan. and loved it. Email me and maybe we can meet in Tacoma for slideshow and info, if you're interested. s.k.hill at comcast.net
  3. First of all, I will admit to not reading every entry but would like to add if not already mentioned: take sunscreen, lip balm, good sunglasses, binoculars and hat and scarf. We had wonderful weather but the wind was still cold! Having a fleece scarf to pull up over my chin really made it comfortable to be out on deck for more than a few minutes. Still can't believe we were there! An amazing cruise from Santiago to Buenos Aires with the 4 days floating among the icebergs.
  4. 😃 I haven't been having any of the problems mentioned. I was wondering what everyone was talking about......until I left this discussion and went on to the next one. Bingo-Error 500. I jinxed myself.
  5. Thanks for the help on the size of the medallion. Appreciate the information!
  6. I've looked through most of the pages but haven't found where anyone has given an actual dimension of the medallion. The Princess website says it's about the size of a quarter but it sure looks bigger than that in when seen on someone's wrist. Would someone be willing to measure it and report back? Thanks so much!
  7. Great question-I was wondering the same thing? On a Princess ship if that makes a difference.
  8. Thanks for your response-I appreciate the information.
  9. Does anyone know if there is a grocery store anywhere near the port in Ensenada? I love the grocery near the dock in PV-better prices to stock up on vanilla and tequila! Thanks...
  10. Wow! I was gone from my computer for a few days and there was a lot added to these pages. Just wanted to add my thanks for your blog and photos-and of course, the trivia! Hoping we're on another ship together some day in the future. --Susie
  11. Well, that didn't work! The quote showed up but not my reply. We just finished the SA/Antarctic cruise Feb. 21 and there was no mention of parkas and I didn't see any with any kind of name or logo other than the usual brand names. And it really wasn't that cold unless the wind was blowing. Flannel shirt with my parka worked well. I did have a fleece scarf that covered my neck and I could pull it up over my chin plus a hat with ear covers-those were the areas that were the coldest.
  12. Thanks everyone. Sitting in the Dallas airport waiting for our flight to Santiago. Hoping for the calm seas and beautiful blue skies.
  13. Thanks-that's the information I needed. We're on a tour that won't be back to the ship until almost midnight so won't be up for an early departure from the ship!
  14. More amazing photos!!! We board next week along with AryMay and I hope the weather for us stays clear-otherwise we may have to "borrow" some photos from your posts. My question about leaving the ship in Buenos Aires-I'm trying to decide how much time we need to clear the ship and customs in order to meet our tour guide who will show us the city and drop us at the airport. Thanks again for the effort you're putting into your posts and sharing them with all of us.
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