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  1. My wife and I are looking into doing a European river cruise with her sister who is a single lady! In order to do this trip we are going to have to find those cruise lines which reduce or waive single supplement charges!! Any experiences along this line you would like to share would be appreciated! Regards, Whitetrike
  2. Mini Suites on the Royal have a tub/shower combination!
  3. Did the Big Bus on June 1st and really enjoyed the trip to Anchorage. The bus was comfortable, the driver professional and the "tour guide" entertaining while giving us the rundown on what we were passing. The sixty miles passed very quickly, would highly recommend this service!
  4. Just finished that cruise on June 1st...was very happy to have been in a starboard balcony stateroom. The scenery is spectacular! So much so we didn't turn the television on the entire cruise! Enjoy your cruise!! Whitetrike
  5. My wife and I sailed on the Regal on 11 November last year which was Veterans Day. They had a moving tribute program in the theater which honored all branches of ALL nations that were involved in war over the last 100years! There was also a get-together with a champagne toast for ALL Veterans of ALL services from ALL nations that was a lot of fun as each of us introduced ourselves, our service branch and era served! Does anyone who is familiar with Princess celebrations know of a Memorial Day observance on board their ships at sea on the 27th! Regards, Whitetrike
  6. This is a second posting of my question as I'm not sure what response I'd get on FB!!! DW and I board the Royal on Saturday for our Alaska cruise!! In all the reading I've done about the Ocean Medallion I have not seen IF it is "water-proof" or "water-resistant! We do plan to use the hot tubs and maybe even the pools and want a functional medallion afterward! Is it safe to wear the medallion while hot tubing or swimming?? Best Regards, Whitetrike
  7. Thanks for your response XBGuy. What you mentioned is similar to how I plan to dress. My wife however may require heavier"cold weather" clothes as she doesn't usually enjoy cooler temperatures!! It looks like the weather will be warmish the week we're in Alaska with daytime temperatures forecast into the low 60s. I'm looking forward to that!
  8. My wife and I will be boarding the Royal on the 25th for our first Alaska cruise!!! Can't wait to get started. Along that line, I'd like to ask if anyone on board now would be kind enough to post the Patters here so those of us yet to cruise could get some idea of what we can look forward to! I much appreciate the effort and time it would take to do this! Kind regards, Whitetrike
  9. DW and I are starting to gather clothes to pack for our May 25th cruise on the Royal to Alaska. The question of the temperature in public areas of the ship such as dining rooms and theater came up. We are not usually bothered by feeling cool or cold in most situations. Is a long sleeved shirt or light jacket usually needed while away from your cabin while aboard?
  10. Here is a link to a site that I found most educational in looking for information about Alaska: http://www.alaska.org/expert-advice/weather-climate
  11. I've had difficulty with the Ocean Ready app like you!! I was able to get in touch with the Princess Ocean Navigators by phone to learn exactly when and how I could get signed up. If you want to get correct information their contact phone number is 1-844-525-0942! I am not sure they are available on weekends. Regards, Whitetrike
  12. Most of the sites I've looked for Skagway excursions on mention how "walkable" the area around the cruise port is! My wife and I have the White Pass rail trip scheduled for late May....but we're hoping there is time left afterwards to walk the area near the cruise port! Have a great trip, whatever you decide to do in Skagway! Whitetrike
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