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  1. Good stuff! Our first cruise was on the old Star, in 1992. Still had the Italian service, with the flambes, and the midnight buffet (never could quite figure out why that existed!). It was a magical voyage, Venice to Athens, via the Black Sea with Istanbul, Odessa, and Yalta included, along with several Greek Islands. I never forgot being greeted by name by night 2 at the cavier bar asking if I wanted the same drink as the night before. Good times... Thanks for posting!
  2. A friend of mine just booked Oceania from Montreal to Miami - it runs in October '21 & '22. Nice itinerary - includes Bermuda. Worth a look.
  3. I'm surprised that the terms contain the upcharge. On each of our last few cruises the bartenders were quite adamant that we only pay the difference from the $12 allowance - I figured it was the policy based on their assurance. Once we're back to normal operations I would expect the upcharge though.
  4. Princess has tweeted that the Europe 2022 season will go on sale on December 2, 2020, which should - should - be a safe booking. Reminds me of the good ol' Grateful Dead live album, Europe '72 - which will be a whopping 50 years old!! Think I'll play it onboard! '....gonna miss me when I'm gone..."
  5. Off topic, but I have to compliment you on your profile pic, CineGraphic - the great James Finlayson! I laugh every time I see this picture - the guy's been gone for decades but still making people laugh - great legacy!
  6. Oh my, our first Princess cruise was on the Star, in 1992. A magical cruise, Venice to Athens, calling on Instanbul, Odessa, and Yalta and several Greek islands. The Star was a beauty!
  7. It's all speculation at this point, but it's four (4) days from November already and no sign of life for the Florida/Caribbean cruises yet. Difficult to imagine how they could pull all of this together by end of December. I wouldn't count on it.
  8. Similarly, I think some people are ignoring the financial perils that cruise companies face. The $150 billion question is how long can the companies last in this environment? I do not wish to be conspiratorial or all gloom and doom, but the facts are the facts. Can cruise lines survive a year-long shutdown? How about a 18 month shutdown? Two years? I think we're squarely facing the year-long scenario at this point, with March (one year) only five months away and no clear end to this nightmare in sight yet. What will a ramp-up to operations look like? Crews must be reassembled
  9. We found Pompeii very easy to do on your own. There's a train nearby to the port that takes to you close to the site (well within walking distance, if you are able). Plenty of excellent guidebooks out there to help you max your time at the ruins, which simply can't be seen in it's entirety in one day.
  10. We only use Total Wine for some cordials that are difficult to find elsewhere, scotch, and a rather nice sparkling burgundy: Louie Bouillot's brut rose. Most of our purchases are through an online app, WTSO, that puts up one wine at a time - for about a couple of hours or so - and then changes it. We also purchase form the local Publix, which stocks a good selection and runs a BOGO every week on a wine or two. I keep an app, CellarMaster, which helps me to keep track of our drinkables and stock on certain varietals that we like to have in. But I don't call it a collection - it's more of an inv
  11. Difficult to see how cruises will be operating in January or February at this point. Seems like an awful lot of positive things have to happen to allow this to take place, and positive things haven't been in good supply lately. Actually, it is currently looking like yet another wave of infections in many states and European countries. Let's not forget the staffing issues - tens of thousands of crew members must be gathered, re-hired, and flown into position. That will take a month or so right there with the airlines operating on a shoestring. Supply chains will have to be rebuilt as
  12. Hi Thrak, love Gerwurtz also but I haven't seen it at the Vines anymore on our most recent cruises. We prefer the Alsatians when available. Our go-to at The Vines has long been the Vall Llach Embruix, a Priorat from Catalonia, Spain. We think it's the best red value there. We also enjoy a glass of Chablis there, as white Burgundy's (or red, for that matter) are few and far between onboard in most venues.
  13. On the Princess Connects Live vids, on YouTube, Jan Schwartz the Princess CEO was asked what her favorite bar was on Princess. You guessed it, it was The Vines. So why is it gone??
  14. The article was indeed damning for Carnival Corp. and Princess, but only from a PR/ branding position - it is difficult to lay any significant blame on Princess for disembarkation procedures. It should be noted though that there were very few well-informed people at that point about COVID-19. The article does point out that the ship did not have the ability to diagnose COVID, but did issue an incorrect assessment of the virus to a passenger. If anyone should be blamed for the fiasco that occurred, including the loss of lives, it may in fact be the Australian port authorities who had
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