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  1. En-route from Manchester to Loch Ness did a brief stop at King George’s dock, so sad to see the ships like this. Sorry about the picture quality it was the best I could get through the fence 🙂
  2. I was told by Azamara last week that March 2022 is a 20 day Cape Town to Lisbon itinerary that is available to book even though it is not currently showing.
  3. ‘Lifted & Shifted’ to same itinerary Feb 2022, price honoured, slight increase in taxes but got the current OBC included - good result as the current pricing for 2022 is a lot higher than we booked the 2021 for. Now to try and work out if there is anywhere open/safe/suitable to hide from the north of England winter 🤔
  4. Spoke to Azamara today - 3 Mar 2022 is a 20 day sailing from Cape Town to Lisbon that is open for booking but for some reason is not showing on the website
  5. Just curious to see what the cruise will be that leaves Cape Town on 3 Mar 2022 😊
  6. We’re booked on the Journey from Cape Town in Feb but are rapidly coming to the conclusion that with both the situation in South Africa & the 9th July update on UK gov website this trip would be better moved out to 2022. The last cruise on the current program finishes in Cape Town on 3 Mar 2022, with the deadline to move of 1st Aug looming does anyone have any knowledge of when Az are likely to publish the next block of itineraries. Thanks Sue
  7. Hi Grandma Can’t work out how to show the comment I’m replying to, we bid the minimum amount can’t remember if it was shown in dollars or ££ Sue
  8. Just received an ‘upgrade successful’ email 🙂 Bid invite recd 18/7 Bid £300pp - weak Verandah to CC suite Sail date 4th Oct - 12 nights LCV - Discoverer Sue
  9. Thanks Bonnie I can see them, must have been listed on Wednesday😊
  10. Hi Bonnie, Could you please give this another chase as Kaohsiung excursions are still not listed. Also would it be possible for shore ex to advise which ports will have shuttles provided Thanks Sue
  11. Riocca thanks for posting the link, we were guessing Manila too
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