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  1. Cruise date May 11 on Solstice Hawaii to Vancouver. Celebrity cancelled in the second announcement of suspensions and we selected full credit vie email link on March 24. I made a screen shot of the instant confirmation, but didn't get any subsequent email for that. After a few weeks they still sent FCC. My emails to have this corrected were ignored. Finally called Captain Club on May 15, and she had someone from Accounting call me back and got FCC changed to a Refund. She said it should be another week or less. Full refund finally appeared on the credit card, dated May 19 and posted May 21. It is in 4 amounts showing the initial deposit, taxes, interim and final payment. The details show Celebrity, Paris France. (I suppose that's where they consolidate their international credit card processing.)
  2. Surprise, surprise ! Asked for refund - today received email with FCC instead. We booked on Solstice May 11 from Honolulu, through online TA. On March 24 we cancelled through the link provided by TA to select preference of FCC/Refund. and March 24 received email confirmation from X that they will inactiviate FCC and provide with refund instead. Is this a trick for an excuse to delay refund by another 30-45 days ?
  3. I just got the cancellation email from Celebrity for our May 11, 2020 sailing. Does anyone have the Terms and Conditions of the FCC (offered as 125% of the cruise price) other than the deadline to use it i.e. December 31, 2021 ? For example, can it be used as the deposit on a new cruise (either refundable or non-refundable) ? Do you lose it if you need to cancel the future cruise ?
  4. Celebrity is still selling this cruise online. For example, an Inside GTY for US$ 399. Is that not misleading the customer, marketing a cruise that is not likely to take place ? Also flying to/from it may involve 14-day quarantine which is not even mentioned ?
  5. They should at the very least announce cancellation of cruises that include ports which are closed to cruise ships. Right now they are still selling such cruises on line.
  6. I posed the following on our May 11 Solstice roll call: Yesterday's press release from RCL is the first time I've seen reference to port closures which forces RCL to cancel 2 cruises beyond April 11, 2020. https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/87/spectrum-of-the-seas-and-jewel-of-the-seas-update/ So far nothing similar from Celebrity.
  7. Back from our Caribbean cruise on the Reflection recently. My quest for the Coffee Card continued. After asking a staff member at Cafe Al Bacio she asked someone else who reached into the pantry under the espresso machine and was delighted to sell me the coffee beverage card for $29.95 plus 20% gratuity, which I applied to my on-board credit. I shared the card with DW and enjoyed the coffee a few afternoons. They still asked for the Seapass card to swipe, and marked "X" on the numbered circles each time. After 11 days I asked the server if anyone else has purchased this card. "No" , she said, "You're the only one who bought it". Incidentally, they had a similar card for "crew", but I'm not sure what the cost was. I'd say this is grossly under-promoted ! Hope this info helps coffee lovers (without a beverage package).
  8. Pricing an 11 day cruise this afternoon Total without Perks $3,241 for 2 in Concierge balcony. Option to add 2 perks - Sail Plus: $341 per person ($682 for 2) for a total $3,922 Selected perks: 1. $150 per person OBC = $300 for the cabin 2. Prepaid Tips for 2 - $330 for the cabin Total "2 Perks - Sail Plus" value $630, costing me $682. Celebrity is bold enough to state regarding the final quesion: "Pay Gratuities before the cruise" "Already included in the 2 Perks - Sail Plus package. You saved $330.00 USD" Did I really SAVE $330 USD? Gross misrepresentation in my opinion. Stay away from Perks scams.
  9. Paul, I read through the whole blog over two days. I don't binge watch any TV series, but I'm sure this is what it feels like. Pages and pages filled with lighthearted narrative and fabulous photos. I also wanted to check if you answered Joel's question, so not to repeat and bore your readers. While the Friday night service for Jewish guests was not listed in the Daily, the electronic board next to Guest Services did show it at 5:30pm at the named conference room. There was a debate regarding the Friday that "did not exist" for us. The man who volunteered to lead the service in the prior week, Shai, lives in Elkana, Israel. He sent a text to his Rabbi, who advised without hesitation that services should be held on the Thursday evening. It was a little tricky finding the right conference room on Deck 3 near the Tuscan Grill. After the renovation the access to the restaurant is a far cry from the original elegant entrance off the mid-ship foyer. I'm sure some folks gave up trying to find the room, but there were services on embarkation day as well as the last Friday. Oh, and we're also doing the ABC islands in December, but it's the 11 day sailing on the Reflection. (9 days is just too short for us. My wife dreads getting the disembarkation luggage tags so soon after getting on the ship).
  10. Glad to have finally met you at the Martini bar on the last evening of the cruise. We'll catch up with the blog once we return home tomorrow. Onyourmark And thanks to binbrooklady who knew we were on this cruise and alerted me about the blog.
  11. The Shibuya station map is very complex and does not show the store. Do you mean we have to exit the station, enter the store, move up to the floor of the Ginza platform and pay another ticket ? https://www.shibuyastation.com/shibuya-station-map-finding-your-way/
  12. Thanks for the tip. I'm trying to avoid the transfer in Shibuya to the Ginza line because it involves going from the lowest underground level to the top above-ground level (Ginza line), and there is no escalator or elevator to connect them, as far as I know. That's why I might find the transfer at Omotesando easier.
  13. We're trying to confirm that the route below is the best for commuting on Sunday September 22 when disembarking from the Millennium to Gaiemmae station in Tokyo: From Osanbashi Yokohama Cruise Terminal - Walk to Nihon Odori station - take MINATOMIRAI Express direction WAKOSHI Change in Shibuya to Tokyo Metro Hanzomonj line (Z1) for one station to Omoto-Sando (Z2). Is there an escalator/elevator to the Hanzomon (Z) line one level up from Fukutoshin (F16) ? At Omoto-Sando change to Ginza line (G2) – on the same level - for one station to Gaiemmae (G3). Exit 6 from Gaiemmae and walk to our hotel Nippon Seinenkan.
  14. Yes, those are the cards I was asking about. Sure, they are not "free", but give you a decent discount on the non-alcoholic specialty coffee. Only on the Eclipse you say ? Pity...
  15. Anyone sailing recently on the Millennium - did they offer a "coffee card" at Al Baccio Cafe ? This may be an ad-hoc offer on some ships.
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