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  1. I am on that cruise! It ends in Ft Lauderdale 11/3
  2. Have done Rudy’s twice! Was not impressed at all! The worse of the two was when Rudy was onboard! Only reason we went twice is because the second was comped because the first was so bad! I don’t think I would do this one either! So much other good food to be found on the ship!
  3. Sorry your right! We go out of Amsterdam this July on the Rotterdam and I got the two cruises confused!
  4. We were on Statendam with you! I changed my call so you know me as Sueleekey! We are booked 7/16 on the Statendam from Amsterdam to Boston,
  5. They all are a great asset to HAL! Every visible on the ship! It’s what HAL needed! Papi was new so he covered all the ships for vacations! If you meet him you would never forget it!
  6. I loved Papi! He was such a great fun man! Had sailed with him many times on NCL and was looking forward to sailing with him on HAL! Then covid hit! May he RIP!
  7. We will get the signature pkg with our cruise! How much more per day to upgrade to premium! I know you get better wine!
  8. I can not find any Amazon cruises for 2022! Is there any?
  9. Sorry did not know about PPC! I knew about TAs!
  10. Can anyone recommend a really good PPC! One that will go to bat for you when prices change or better offers come you way after you have already booked! Want to book a cruise this week but with someone that’s really good! Thanks
  11. Go to outside bar and have a drink before heading for lunch!
  12. Are you on a TA? We are in April with Barb to Spain! Hoping for the best! No much we can do about it now!
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