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  1. $1450, we cancelled our drink plan for October, cruise will be next 😞
  2. Apparently Explorer is still a go. Asked Matt Hochberg of The RCL Blog via Twitter “Do you know if Explorer’s amplification is going on as scheduled?” and he said: “No reason to believe anything has changed.” https://www.disboards.com/threads/where-do-cruise-ships-dock-during-the-hiatus.3796528/post-61679182
  3. This is where my worry lies. *IF* you choose to travel right now and get sick, what is covered? What will fall under "you knew about this before you hopped the border for a cruise" too bad. We don't cruise out of Italy until October, so I am being cautiously optimistic, quarantine wouldn't be good for me as we're away for two weeks as it is. That would be a month of me with no income as I am self employed.
  4. I found this - but I believe unless you are between 11:30 and 2pm you'll be walking from the train to ship, as the Molo del Bicchiere stop isn't in service. Anyone know which pier RCCL usually docks at?? I agree with the OP, lots of backtracking from the shuttle stop back past the fort to the ships.
  5. Not sure. We are planning to consume while in Rome, not bring on the ship with us. You aren't supposed to bring liquor onboard with you, but you can bring wine.
  6. So far in my search I've been finding wine stores but not many with spirits, maybe I am googling the wrong thing? We are in town 3 days before our cruise so I'd like a small bottle to make drinks in the evenings. We are staying near Termini. If not, I'll stick to wine 😉
  7. Ours is in October and I am holding my breath. Hoping airfare won't rise too much, as we are waiting it out.
  8. My 18yo got day drunk on a private catamaran excursion in St.Maarten, he successfully got back onboard DCL. In the future, we'll ensure he eats more before taking some bevvies for the walk back to the ship 😉
  9. Thanks all. Unfortunately, we want early, since we are popping to Pisa and then off to Venice for a few days. There's no option for a taxi from port, correct just from the shuttle hub?
  10. Our cruise ends in Civitavecchia, we are taking the train to Pisa. Just wondering what time frame we should be looking to book for, what's the earliest people have gotten to the station, knowing it's a process once you get off the ship. TIA!
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