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  1. Good morning, We've chosen a park and stay hotel option in Southampton. I was wondering whether it would be prudent to drive to the port, offload our luggage, take the covid test, wait for the results and then return to the hotel to drop off the car and take the hotel's shuttle (with no luggage). Or is it best to park at the hotel first, and take our luggage on the courtesy shuttle on the way to the test? Has anyone done this? There'll be a child in tow and I wondered what the most efficient option will be. Thank you.
  2. We're experienced cruisers but have never sailed with P&O. We thought we would try the line because of the round trip Southampton option, however the concept of a balcony that does not offer privacy and does not directly overlook the sea is a new one for me! How typical is this on other P&O ships? We're booked on Ventura.
  3. We're booked on a P&O cruise in November with an unvaccinated 4yo. The cruise line suggests that kids' activities will be "as normal". I guess we will see. Not much info available from other cruisers online yet.
  4. Thank you! Have a wonderful cruise.
  5. We're booked on the 12 night N124. The adults are vaccinated but our 4 year old will not be. I understand that he is required to have a negative PCR test within 3 days of our embarkation date. However, I am unclear about whether this is in addition to the prior-to-boarding test that we will all take as part of P&Os procedures at the port. Does anyone know? Do we need to book a test at home before going to the port? Thanks
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