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  1. Ok thanks, so just to clarify, we would not check it with a luggage tag and we would carry it on with us?
  2. We are leaving tomorrow for our cruise that leaves on Saturday ( Caribbean Princess)! What is the best way to check our couple of bottles of wine at the port? Do they want it in a separate bag or can it be put into our suitcase? Also, packing for my teenage son- is he allowed to wear nice dress shorts on non-formal nights in the dining room? Thanks!
  3. Sounds great! We'll be sailing on 6/22 and are so excited. Did you do a specialty restaurant? What time were the shows and how early did you have to be there to get a seat?
  4. Are we still able to see where our daughter is on the ship with her medallion, even though she won't have a purchased wifi package on her phone?
  5. Thanks, how long was the tour?
  6. We are looking at booking the specialty dining restaurants on CP for our upcoming cruise in June. Wondering if anyone has a favorite or feedback on the restaurants? Is it even necessary to pre-book before the cruise, or can we just make reservations once we are there? Is it better to book these on non-formal nights and eat in the main dining room on formal nights? Also trying to figure out what time the production shows are so that we can plan our dining reservations before those. Thanks!
  7. Can you get bottled water with this package?
  8. Sorry if this has been asked multiple times, but I did a search and couldn't find the answer. We are on Caribbean Princess next month and are wondering if the times listed at each port are the ship time, or local time? In Belize it says we arrive at 7 am, but is that ship time, which is East coast time...in Belize that would actually be 5am ( CST with no daylight savings) ? We are doing a private excursion and the tour guide asked if we wanted a 8am pick up. Also doing a private excursion in Cozumel and it is listed as 10 am arrival and wondering if that would be 9am (CST) local time? Thank you!
  9. I am getting ready to get our family " Ocean Ready" and I was wondering if I need to have each person in our party download the app to their phones in order to get medallions? We have two different cabins for our family, and my daughter is also bringing a friend on the cruise. Should I have her friend download the app and get Ocean Ready, or do I set up everyone's information from my phone app?
  10. Trying to decide which chocolate making tour to take, Kaokao Chocolate Factory or The Mayan Cocao company. Has anyone been to both, or know which one is better? We will have three older teens with us and thought they would enjoy making their own chocolate. Is one of them less touristy and more unique?
  11. I keep getting the same message when I am trying to set up our account for the first time. It also says my birth date is invalid when I try to register from my phone app.
  12. Looking for any information on the Teen Club; likes/dislikes, hours, activities, and if they are free to leave the club on their own ( we would prefer that our daughter doesn't)? We will be on the Caribbean Princess next month and I was hoping that my 14 year old daughter and 16 year old son would enjoy it. Thanks!
  13. I am emailing with Crescencio about our upcoming cruise in June. We told him that we are interested in seeing the East side. Any recommended stops or sites to see ( on the East side or anywhere else)?
  14. I was referring to Paradise Beach ( beach club/restaurant) in Cozumel. I wasn't sure if we could get off the ship in Cozumel and get on a smaller snorkel tour boat that would take us to a reef, and then on to drop us off at Paradise Beach. I have read that there is a boat pier at Paradise Beach and parasailing boats pull up to it, just wondering if anyone has taken a snorkel boat out from there. But, thank you for the info about Roatan!
  15. Our family will be there in June and plan to go to Paradise Beach. Is there a water taxi that can take us there from the port, with possibly a snorkel stop? If not, is there a boat that we can get on from the pier at Paradise Beach that could take us out to some better snorkeling?
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