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    I just got back from a cruise on the Elation.

    Went on the Elation in May. I found the beef to be very good-I love steak and always order them frequently on Carnival cruises. With that being said, everyone in our group was disappointed with the Elation. It was our second cruise on the Elation. The reason I am posting this is because I recognize the need for businesses to hear feedback from their customers; both negative and positive. And, although I am thrilled to have a bigger ship close to home and thought the convenience was wonderful-my family told me they wished we had traveled further away to be on a better ship. I do not understand why everyone thinks we should only post positive comments. If we post negative comments we somehow are totally negative people that made a point of being miserable on our cruise. Not the case. We had a great vacation; loved the crew, loved the ports...really had fun. But, for the interest of people shopping for the best use of their hard earned dollars and for the Carnival employees that read these boards for ideas on how to improve customer satisfaction, here goes. The handrails were sticky; especially going down to the Serenity deck and in the front lobby areas. This was an infection prevention issue that really surprised us. It was not reassuring and it was unpleasant. Usually Carnival has someone washing down the railings on a continuous basis; not the case. There were bad smells on the Riviera deck-smoke; maybe we were above the staff lounge? Sewerage smells. Never had that issue before; and we have stayed on the Riviera deck before. We could have asked to be moved but the cruise was sold out. And, overall the ship needed refurbishment; faded carpet, graffiti carved in the brass around the elevator buttons, depressing colors in the cabin restrooms (pink/grey.) We fully recognize it is an older ship--but, still, it just was sort of a bummer. I work retail and think that getting this type feedback would be helpful; so, flame away. It is the little things that keep customers coming back; so little things can also run customers away. Mixed with the parking nightmare in Mobile; it was just a letdown. I wish we had chosen a bigger, cleaner ship and another port to take our only vaca of the year on. We cannot afford numerous cruises a year; we need the ONE we take to be outstanding. We can certainly "make do" and we did. We had a blast; but, I did not get the normal Carnival bang for my buck this time. Luckily, our wait staff and steward were the best ever--
  2. mrsneurotic

    Oasis or another ship?

    Thanks for all of the input! Just what I needed. We'll probably go with Allure or Oasis. We are very excited:)
  3. We've cruised Carnival 5 times and are looking to book an Eastern Caribbean for next May. We saw the Oasis in Cozumel last week and everyone in the family wants to try it. I need input from RC cruisers as to whether it is worth it to go on the Oasis or maybe spend a little less and try one of the other RC ships. We want to try a RC ship that has lots of dining choices and lots of activities. Thanks in advance for your input.
  4. mrsneurotic

    cozumel beach

    We were at Paradise Beach last week and really enjoyed it. Nice service, plenty of chairs and umbrellas. If you have children or young adults with you, this beach would be more entertaining for them; just depends on what you are looking for. Enjoy:)
  5. mrsneurotic

    Elation Review May 15-22

    We had to arrive at port later than normal (we were told to be there at 4pm) because of the late departure time. You'll have to see what time they tell you to be there for the July cruise date; it will probably be 11 am or noon.
  6. mrsneurotic

    Elation Review May 15-22

    One other thing. When we got back to Mobile, the traffic issue appeared resolved. My parents drove to the area by the parking lot and picked us up. We decided on this plan just in case the terminal was not available again. Which worked fine, but lugging the luggage was a chore. It looked like there was no traffic build up coming off the Interstate as it had been the week before. We always parked at the hotel we stayed at in the past; but since we live right by Mobile, we did not need a hotel. If I were driving to Mobile and spending the night pre-cruise, I would leave my car at the hotel. If someone is dropping you off, I think they can probably just drive you right up to the terminal and leave you there. I think last Saturday was a fluke. Hopefully. Hope this helps.
  7. mrsneurotic

    Elation Review May 15-22

    The parking was just unorganized. All we needed was somewhere for my parents to drop us off at. We ended up at that same parking lot and we also walked. Then, at check in, our attendee told us she was just trained on how to use her laptop and she had so many problems someone else had to check us in. 20-30 minutes standing there while folks were signed in all around us. The problem was not the attendee, to us, it was the 2 managers that kept walking by and did not volunteer to help. We tried flagging them down, to no avail. Finally, the attendee next to ours volunteered to register us and it went swiftly. I think their routine was just off related to the new ship in port... My husband said the rough ride was due to shallow water (~200 ft) and strong winds (~40 mph) around Cozumel. Not sure why it was so rough the first day in the Gulf--maybe we were running light to make up time? Although we went through bad weather the night before, and it was not great weather that day, we have seen rougher seas during a cruise. We didn't leave Mobile until 8 pm-ish. Normal sail time will be around 4 pm. Sorry, I looked through my photos and we just didn't take many in the ship that were not close ups of family at dinner, etc. I guess since we had been on the ship before it just wasn't a priority. I did attach one of the Serenity area showing how grey the weather was on our second sea day. I will try posting some pics of our excursions after I get home from work.
  8. mrsneurotic

    Elation Review May 15-22

    Just back from the Elation's inaugural voyage from Mobile. Group of 6: DH, DS (22), DD (20), DD's 2 friends and myself. We were on the Riviera deck with 2 inside rooms and one ocean view room with 2 pull down beds. My DD and her 2 friends shared the ocean view room and it worked very comfortably for them. They loved it. As always, Carnival's rooms are spacious, clean and the linens are fab. We cruised the Elation in '04 out of Galveston; and, based on our observations, the old girl has been rode hard out in San Diego...graffiti carved on the elevator button panels, baseboards missing in places, decorative wall tiles missing pieces. Nothing huge; just sort of made you sad for the ship. The staff was awesome. We had the Best steward ever: Romeo. Also, our wait staff was wonderful. Hopefully, the issues with traffic direction, parking and embarkation will be worked out soon; I am not going into it. Suffice it to say, embarkation made for a very long day. I will say the porters in Mobile were so friendly and helpful. Great service; truly outstanding. Food was excellent--we had shrimp, porterhouse, lobster and fillet mignon. All were outstanding. The barbecue ribs at lunch were some of the best we've ever had. Grand Marnier souffle and creme broulee were the best desserts we had. We enjoyed the Mongolian Grill and the New York style deli for lunch. The photo crew were so funny and helpful. We actually ended up with some great pics. The ride was rough coming out of Mobile and also out of Cozumel. Only cruise we have been on where folks ended up staying in bed related to motion sickness. I was out of commission one night and a friend of DD's was bedridden on the other. There were chair hogs putting their towels out at 0700. It never was a problem for me, because I hung out on the Serenity deck. For the most part,the folks who had the chairs in that area actually sat in them. LOVED that area: quiet, good wait service, nice music, no wind, great view, 2 hot tubs, pads on the chairs. There were some wild children on board, and more disturbing was their loud, yelling parents. None were present in the Serenity area. Enjoyed Carnival's Dunn's River Falls and Dolphin Swim excursion. GREAT day, great tour guide, interesting scenery and long, personalized experience with the dolphins. The whole family just loved it. Climbing the falls was, well, challenging. Gorgeous scenery. Best part of our cruise. We did the Reef and Rays in Grand Cayman. Wonderful crew but we did not get to stand on the sand bar and see the rays. Instead they took us to an area where we had to swim with them. Too crowded and chaotic. Make sure you pick the correct excursion for seeing the rays. It was cloudy and rainy that day...kind of a bummer. Took a cab to Paradise Beach in Coz. Great day, nice staff, plenty of chairs and umbrellas. Did some shopping at Punta Langosta; best deals on T-shirts, $3 each. Nice folks at that shopping center. We bought most of our souvenirs here. Saw the Oasis of the Seas...one word, "wow." It is great to be able to take a 7 day out of Mobile. We enjoyed the staff of the Elation and the convenience of cruising from a port close to home. Hope this review gives you some helpful information.
  9. mrsneurotic

    Mr. Sanchos Pool

    Thank you for the input; we'll be in Cozumel next week and are not sure where to go.
  10. mrsneurotic

    Mr. Sanchos Pool

    Hi, I noted on the boards several days back that the pool was not operational. Has anyone been recently and can you tell me if they have the pool up and running, yet? Thanks.
  11. mrsneurotic

    Snorkel at Sunset House or Eden Rock

    Thanks for the information. We walked to Sunset House last April and enjoyed seeing the area, etc. But, maybe we'll just hang out at Eden Rock this year. Thanks, again.
  12. mrsneurotic

    Late Boarding Time: Elation out of Mobile

    Great! Thanks for the info:)
  13. mrsneurotic

    When do you book excursions?

    The excursions on line are the same that will be available on the ship. We book excursions via Carnival for Montego Bay. There is nothing really close to where the ship docks, so we do a tour. Next week we are doing the dolphin swim and Dunn's River Falls tour through Carnival. Places like Coz, Grand Cayman, we go it on our own.
  14. Hi, Just checking to see if anyone else has gotten word from Carnival that the Elation will be late leaving port on Saturday? I got a letter and phone message saying it will leave at 7 instead of 4. Wonder why?
  15. Hi, There are 6 of us, 4 twenty somethings and my DH and I. Would you get off the boat and snorkel at Eden Rock or walk on down to Sunset House? Thanks,