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  1. Thanks so much. Was just concerned that the pick up time would be later than the norm. I appreciate.
  2. Hello folks, question. I am picking up a friend at Pt Everglades later in the month. From past times there I remember a security gate when entering the port area. Do I need anything to show the officers when going through? Also will be picking him up closer to 130PM than the typical 1000AM time-frame. Thanks in advance for any information.
  3. Just took a very nice 8 day cruise on Breeze. Quite a nice experience.
  4. San Juan is the easiest port to leave from. Since the departure is later in the evening the check in window is very broad. So it flows with most folks checking in at different times. I left the airport on the Carnival shuttle at about 155PM and was on the ship at 240PM. And I hung around the dock for a few minutes taking pictures. No lines, plenty of staff. Super efficient. I would check in to your cabin and drop of your things and then do the Old San Juan tour. You may not want to leave the ship though. A lot to see on your 1st cruise. Enjoy your 1st cruise. You will be back for more of them many many times. Happy Sailing. I am sailing on Breeze on 05 Dec, 8 nights, eastern Caribbean. Can't wait.
  5. Sorry for all the problems experienced on Star. Most likely more the exception than the rule. We took Star on a cruise to nowhere and it was nice. We did have a couple glitches in that our key cards didn't work twice. And that was on a 2 day cruise. We weren't the only ones. Maybe a 100 people were down at guest services on the 2nd night getting new key cards. Star is ok, but I will say I am glad we are getting Jade here in Tampa next year. I have heard a much nicer ship.
  6. All of those look good to me. All nice and large ships. I would let price be the deciding factor. I have had great cruises on both lines. Also have enjoyed Carnival cruises as well. Look into these: 13 Feb - Carnival Breeze - 8 nights - S CRB - Miami 13 Feb - Carnival Sunshine - 8 nights - E CRB - Pt. Canaveral 14 Feb - Carnival Splendor - 7 nights - E CRB - Miami I took a repositioning cruise on Splendor and enjoyed it so much. Am booked on Breeze on the 5th of Dec and am looking forward to it. Have heard many great things about Breeze.
  7. Oh so sorry to hear of these folks missing the ship. That would be terrible. Can't imagine how that would feel, or missing the ship in the midst of a cruise. Even when I drive from the Tampa Bay area to south Florida, I always arrive a day early. Just too much can happen whether flying or driving.
  8. To me a CD can make the cruise a bit nicer. I agree, that I remember the names of ones who really are great. Wee Jimmy comes to mind. He was my favorite of 12 cruises.
  9. I would recommend either Treasure Island or St Pete beach. Great location and in my mind a lot more to do and more centrally located than Clearwater for beach locations.
  10. Hey Sky Master, I agree with you, "come on down". I wait for November beginning in May.
  11. Hello KC. I lived in Shawnee for 2 years 79-81. Love the KC area. First place I lived away where I was born. Great memories. I am a Florida native, living in St Petersburg. Nov is one of my favorite months and in early Nov should be just about perfect. It has been in the mid 80s for the most part recently, so I don't think it will be too much different. Probably in the mid to high 70s and sunny. Maybe even low 80s. Plan on summer clothing with a light jacket (maybe) for the evenings. Most likely you should be able to walk in the water on the beach. Atlantic is colder than the gulf. I am speaking for the gulf side as that's where I live. Happy travels. Jeff jsamuel2@tampbay.rr.com if you have more questions or want to chat. Go Royals!
  12. Splendor. Taking Breeze on 5th of Dec. Am thinking that will be my favorite.
  13. Too close for comfort for me. If everything works out great then ok, but too much can delay you. I would go for 1P or later. Happy sailing.
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