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  1. Thank you all for your responses. Having the cabin number is also helpful. 1100 is our friends cabin and looking at getting a cabin near them.
  2. Looking to book on the Raidiance and wondering if the aft balconies get soot on them?
  3. So we received a Royal up offer. My question is has anyone done this, they accepted your offer and then the cruise got cancelled because of the pandemic happening? Do they refund that back to your credit card as well? Leaning towards refund if the cruise is cancelled. Any insite on what happens.
  4. Thanks that is what I was thinking. Like I said I don't have my hopes up.
  5. Not getting my hopes up, but has anyone that recieved docs before the next 30 days just got cancelled? Meaning the people from the first set of cancelations until the next set a few days ago. We just recieved an email with them and thinking its business as usual for now.
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