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  1. I don't remember the math...but no, the growler fill isn't a great deal, money wise. But, freshest beer possible....to go....was awfully appealing, for this beer geek 😉 It's also a lot of beer, cracked open & unrefrigerated, to get through. Shelf life is fairly short. Having someone to share it with, certainly helps. But I also figure I've wasted money a a lot worse things, on a cruise!
  2. The milk stouts are brewed with lactose, which is a milk sugar. If done well, it gives a really subtle sweetness. Not to everybody's liking, though. The peanut butter & chocolate stouts probably don't have any sweeteners. In the case of the chocolate stout, it's either a dark / unsweetened cocoa, or a malt that's been roasted to achieve the chocolate flavor. Or...so I've been told. I'm DEFINITELY not patient enough to home brew 🙂
  3. I love the Deck 5 external promenade, on ALL the Dream class ships. Great place to relax, in either shade or sun.....without the crowds of the pool area. Plus, if you're a jogger / walker, it's a terrific alternative to the track, IF you go early enough (and don't bother the folks out lounging).
  4. The Sea Cow Stout is a Milk Stout, so a lot of folks find it too sweet. Particularly if you're used to a Guinness / traditional English stout.
  5. I'm a bit of a beer geek myself, and was content with what I found on Magic and Horizon, over the past year. I won't touch much on the Horizon, since there's the brewery right on board....and that ended my beer hunt for THAT cruise. They had 5 on tap, 4 regulars (West Coast IPA, Amber, Farmhouse ale & a smoked porter) and a rotating seasonal. They offered a brewery tour & growler fills, as well. Magic's selection (July '19) was perfectly fine, as well. As folks have said, they are now canning & carrying 16oz cans of Parched Pig, on most ships. I found the IPA & Amber on the Magic, in July. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is available in all the bars....and if you're into craft beer, that's pretty much THE "OG" / old school classic. Sam Adams Boston Lager (another classic) & Rebel IPA were available. As a bit of a Hop Head, though...I was REALLY pleased to find Stone IPA, on my last 3 Carnival sailings (Sunshine, Horizon and Magic). Could be wrong...but seem to remember those may only have been available in the Red Frog Pub, on a couple of those ships? And they did run out of Stone, on the Sunshine. Plus of course, the Saltwater Sea Cow Stout, the Concrete Beach Pils & Angel City IPA. So, while I'll always wish they'd let me bring a case of Zombie Dust or Two Hearted onboard with me.....I certainly had no complaints with what I found on board. And yes...MUCH better than I found on RCCL, last March.
  6. Actually, when we were at HMC three weeks ago, you rented them on the island. Not onboard (excursion desk).
  7. Welp, we booked it. I'll report back, with how we found it!
  8. We used to be Vegas regulars....3-4 trips a year. For us, it's lost a lot of it's fun. While we're not hesitant to spend for recreation, they gouge for EVERYTHING out there now. The time zone difference takes a bigger toll than it used to, as well. So, we decided to try cruising (about 8-9 years ago) & that's now our "escape" travel. Have only been back to LV twice & don't miss it at all.
  9. So, here's the deal. We have a chance to do a quick, weekend getaway in late October. There's a 3 nighter, from Canaveral, on the Liberty. I know these short sailings have a rep as being nothing but "booze cruises", but are they? It's not a holiday, or a big school break time. Anyone with experience on these (especially Florida based) weekend cruises, we'd love to hear your experiences. By no means are we prudes / grumpy old folk.....but not necessarily interested in a 3 day drunken brawl, either. Thanks!
  10. Just to update this. Larry's Limos were awesome. On time, comfortable car, very good driver. Thanks all!
  11. Early embark. Immediate access to your room. Two or three free bags of laundry (for each of us). Priority tender. The priority line at guest services. Free drink & party, goofy pin & gift. Maybe I'm easily pleased, but those things make me pretty happy. What's not to like?
  12. Thanks, all. Larry's it is! We're actually coming into Miami four days early, since my wife has a business trip. And, my sister in law is joining us for the cruise...from outside the country. And we have to move the entire circus to Port Everglades, embarkation morning, from downtown Miami. Lots of moving parts, so I'm willing to pay the extra $, to keep things relatively easy. I appreciate all your input!
  13. First, thanks for all your input. I'll definitely read the full review. You mentioned Chef's Table. We're reserved for the 8 nighter leaving next weekend. Which night was CT held. Any words of wisdom / advice? We're really excited about it.
  14. Has anyone utilized any of the local sedan / car services? It's not the cheapest option, but one we've used in other cities & due to some circumstances, are considering using one for our cruise next weekend. Would pick up from the Kimpton Epic in downtown Miami & drop at Port Everglades (Carnival Magic). Anyone have any companies they particularly liked or disliked??
  15. They're very similar ships. We like them both. A lot. Here's why I prefer the Horizon, just a tad. * I really enjoy craft beer. The onboard brewery is awesome. Huge plus. * We enjoyed the Pig & Anchor, as a full menu, alternative dining option....as opposed to just a sea day lunch. * Most of all, CCL has gone out of their way to put very comfy, shaded seating, on the Vista class, external promenade / lanai deck. The deck exists on Magic, but the seating isn't nearly as nice. For those of us that like being outside....but not necessarily in the sun / by the pool, this is a great area.
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