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  1. I stopped sailing RCI a while ago despite being diamond for last few years (my friends are on this sailing though) - diminishing value, service, food worsening by the minute (except still present "lobster night" - which reminds me of a bad waiter ignoring you all night, mixing up orders and then when it is time to tip - smiling with what thought of as a best smile and asking: "how was everything?" - I have no problem not tipping in such cases, I still suffer of toxic masculinity 😄 ), rising prices, excluding things that were free 10 minutes ago etc... and pretentious attitude like they are "the best in class"...no, not anymore...they just did not notice that. Most importantly - treating customers like the cattle they are - just like Marie Antoinette with her: "Let them eat the cake" (for those not knowing - "cake" is a leftover baked container for pate)
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