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  1. I fly to Shanghai/Hong Kong 2-3 times a year on business, typically on AA. I stick with one of the major US airlines or look for one of the major non US flag airlines that is a codeshare partner with a US airline. I generally find the services fairly consistent on international flights, although every flight is different. A couple of suggestions. First, in my experience, Shanghai is typically cheaper than Hong Kong. My business often has me flying into Shanghai, but ending up south of Hong Kong. While it would be more convenient to fly out of Hong Kong, most of the time I find it a cost savings to fly back to Shanghai. The day you fly can also make a big difference as well, enough that I once recognized a $1000 savings by staying an extra day - even after I took into consideration extra hotel, the flight back to Hong Kong, etc. It can also make a difference on the connecting city, both in terms of plane and cost. For instance, you might find it cheaper to fly through one city going and another on returning. Also consider booking two different tickets. A recent trip to Europe netted savings by booking two one ways vs one round trip. Pay attention when booking as to whether the flight is actually with the airline you booked through or a code share partner. For instance, a flight booked on Delta through Detroit could end up actually being on China Air, which is a Delta code share partner. Cohorts of mine that are Delta frequent flyers like Delta better than China Air, but if the flight times work for them, its not that big of a difference. Don't think that happens if the flight is originating in Atlanta. For what its worth, I fly China Air inside China, but am able to get the points on Delta. A recent flight to Europe was booked on AA with an AA flight number, but was actually on a British Air plane. The return was on AA. In the past, I have found BA quite good, but this trip, AA noticeably beat BA for both comfort and service on board. Cathy Pacific is an AA codeshare partner. As to the plane, airlines don't necessarily fly the same planes out of different gateway airports. So if you are trying to fly premium economy, make sure you check what it is for that plane/route. AA flys (or at least used to) its larger, newer (and I find more comfortable) planes to Asia out of Dallas. Chicago routes tended to be older planes and not as comfortable. Personally, I try to stay on AA as the FF points work better for me. My preference for Shanghai is through Dallas. The plane is comfortable and I have always had good service. Good luck!
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