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  1. We all got them. Thank you so much :)
  2. You can send it to graphicsprinting@gmail.com please
  3. Thank you so much for your hard work. I can imagine it is very time consuming so just know it is appreciated. Can you please send the map to shilpa421@aol.com and jessejazz3000@aol.com as well?
  4. I was there in July. It was awesome.
  5. Hi everyone. Does any have recommendations for great real Puerto Rican food in Old San Juan? I was trying to research but got overwhelmed with everyhgnig looking and sounding good.
  6. Hi. Will you be able to email that to me as well? I will be there next week :) shilpa421 at gmail .com
  7. Hi all. We will be arriving on harmony of the seas in October. My wife and I want to snorkel. Can anyone recommend any snorkeling tours? Thank you.
  8. Hi Everyone. I am thinking of just walking around and trying different foods with the wife. Any suggestions on what to try?
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