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  1. I will be on the ship on 1/7 for 21 day's - so if you can video some of the Lido mkt especially when crowded I hear that can be a hassle - plus the intl foods they have like Asian - the sandwich area to see if they make sandwiches to order - ny pizza - dice in area also


  2. Has anyone attended a meet and greet with other cruise critic members - I see on the roll calls they are organizing them at the beginning of the cruise I am going on b2b cruises for 21 day's each in a month and looking to see if I should join? I left out traveling solo so dont want to feel out of place

  3. I am booked on back to back 21 day cruises - going solo

    1/7/17 on Eurodam 21 day's - one day in FLL

    1/28/17 ON Nieuw Anmsterdam 21 day's

    so in essence that is 42 day's on the ocean

    A little bit about myself 67 yr old male still very active and go to the gym to workout originally from bklyn ny - now living

    in Haiti going on 5 yrs now - so this is a getaway of sorts - I have done 16 cruises but this will be my second solo - I really do not go to the MDR -well maybe on a rare ocassion - so mostly day time wear shorts T shirt - pool stuff - night I always wear a nice button shirt or nice polo and jeans or pressed pants with shoes for a show or music stuff or the bar - long way to get to my question - how should I pack meaning T shirts - nice shirts pants underwear for so many day's - can I get them cleaned and ironed is it expensive - just trying to not carry more then one bag



  4. You know you guys are going to give me the push I need to book the second cruise - only one day layover but that's ok also - living here in Haiti miss some things that we all take for granted in the US - I guess if this is kool the next thing would be one of those re positioning type cruises - thanks for the feedback

  5. RKACRUISER - I wanted to choose another line but HAL is the only one at that time featuring longer cruises - I have not booked the Nieuw yet but really would like to go for it - as I stated just want to be on longer cruises not for ports - have been to most anyway

    Btimmer - I love sea days - so many hate it - but for me love roaming around the ship and stopping in to different events or just being

    OlsSalt - this will be my second alone and really enjoyed it

    For those of you who have jumped from one cruise to the next swiftly - thanks for not making me feel weird - although I probably am anyway

  6. See - I never thought of the change in guests - interesting - do I have to do the whole boarding process over - I doubt that - hope not - but the crowd or type of people is not usually a concern for me - I am more to myself - unless people are rude other wise no difference - I left out some questions - as a returning Holland guest do they have that captains brunch gathering a few times - events and shows repeated? - I live in Haiti now and since I am flying to FLL - customs the whole shebang -like to extend my cruising further by booking the Nieuw for the day after my cruise ends - that is another 21 day cruise - are the two ships similar? - has anyone done that off one day and another cruise the next - the idea hit me last night - better then spending time in Florida I feel - thanks for your input everyone

  7. I am booked on the Eurodam 1/7/2017 - 1/28/2017 - it is for 21 days and this

    will be my second going solo - first 15 or so with my special ladies - was apprehensive at first but loved it - this cruise will be for 21 days - I love cruising one of those people who may not even get off at a port - did many excursions now that I am 67 and going solo no interest - has any one gone on a long cruise? - now here is the kicker - on 1/29 the Nieuw leaves same port for 21 days - yup giving it a thought - that would be 42 out of 43 days cruising - has any one done that - sounds crazy but not to me - actually have good prices - maybe only paying 10% more going solo - I am not a foodie so not very judgmental on that aspect - so as long as the food is not uneatable I am fine with it - a lido man I am not into formal dinning

  8. Hello - will be on Eurodam 21 days 1/7/2017 - 1/28/2017

    What is the advantage buying a beverage package - let's start at $50 - I read about

    the drinks you can use it for but as far as I see there are no perks - you still have to use

    your card anyway - is it just a way to budget yourself and easier to review your on

    board charges etc:

  9. I just booked the Eurodam 3 week cruise from 1/7/2017 - 1/28/2017 - I guess it is one of those cruises that could be one week or more - my question is any opinions on the pizza they make called NY pizza - plus the hamburger /hot dog place called dive in - it might sound funny to go on a cruise to look forward to that type of food - but for the last 4 years living in Haiti not much of that type food here or at least good - I am an original New Yorker Bklyn so I do like my pizza/dogs - got to go to Nathans in Coney Island etc:




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