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  1. Yikes, soot on the balcony!!?? I just booked a SV on the Apex Transatlantic in May, 2021. I'm planning on spending lots of time enjoying the view. But will I also be breathing in soot?
  2. Update....problem solved....Regent will not keep the double penalty, they are refunding the correct amount. Guess I spoke to the right person. Happy!
  3. Wanted to get your advice on an issue I'm having. We booked a 2021 cruise and decided to move it to 2020. The deposit was transferred and they took $200 off the deposit and applied a future cruise credit. I found it strange they would penalize for a transfer. We are now unable to take the 2020 cruise due to a work engagement so we cancelled. Regent is now keeping $200 per person penalty. They advised that transferring a deposit to a new booking is a cancellation. Seriously.....I feel this is sneaky. In my opinion, a transferred deposit is not a refund or a cancellation. I'm happy to honor the $100 per person penalty but feel doubling that isn't right. What do you think? Am I wrong?
  4. Thank you for posting the old GDR menus. Wow, I forgot how great they were. They are indeed very different from today's menus. The older menus had more choices and definitely are more varied and interesting. I haven't sailed since 2016 and let me tell you, I will miss these menus.
  5. I’m anxious to hear more. Can you say anything else about where you are seeing cost cutting? I’m booked on Marina in 2020 and seriously thinking of giving Regent a try instead.
  6. Which 2 ports did you miss? I'm booked on this same cruise next year (from Amsterdam to Barcelona) during the same time of year. Worried about rain and rough seas. Glad you are enjoying it!!
  7. I wanted to move this thread up to see if anyone has any recent thoughts about the menu selections and overall GDR and Terrace experiences. Has there been any improvements since the new menus rolled out last year? Are things still being repeated every few days? I know many have not been thrilled with the reduction of menu choices in the GDR and Terrace and others not happy with the quality of food. Many have said the GDR and Terrace are not the Oceania they knew. My last cruise with Oceania was in 2016 and I have something booked for 2020. Of course I'm concerned because the dining is one of the main reasons I like Oceania. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  8. Glad you had a great cruise. What do you mean you missed the choices in the MDR? Are there really less choices? How many dinner choices are there now? I haven't been on Oceania since 2016 and we have a cruise booked in 2020 and I'm worried that our dining experience will be very different than what we are used to. Any details are greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  9. Hi all. I've just booked Regent Splendor November, 2020 Transatlantic Barcelona to Miami. As newbies to Regent, I'm interested in the referral credit. Thanks.
  10. I just booked my first Regent cruise on the Splendor transatlantic in Nov, 2020. Is it fair to say that the TA cruise leans towards older clientele? We are 49 and 50.
  11. Thanks Keith, I agree. This is a great 17 day itinerary and hopefully will be a pleasant time of year in the Med.
  12. May 1 (OCS210501-17) Rome to Rome - JVNYC (Joe & Todd) First Crystal Cruise....finally!
  13. they always seem to appear here before she gets them.....so was hoping to see.
  14. If someone has an early peek of the new itineraries, please post the link/pdf here. Thanks!!
  15. Thanks all. I was hoping for a 2022 Transatlantic on the new ship. I'll wait to see what comes up. Not really interested in the other itineraries right now.
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