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  1. Safe travels - with the exception of our first day, I hope the seas and conditions are similar to the way they were on our October crossing
  2. Not sure why you suggest this had anything to do with expense - we wanted to walk.
  3. Peter Rosetti - the piano player/singer on the ship plays in a number of venues during the day - often in Cafe Bacio in the evenings He is a nice guy and good piano player
  4. Hah, should just said lived in the US
  5. Sorry for the drift, but my favorite taxi episode was in Buenos Aires over 10 years ago I think. My wife and I had taken probably 15 taxis over the course of 5 days - all in Spanish without incident. Our final taxi driver, who had lived in Chicago and spoke perfect English tried to rip us off leading to a huge fight - us exiting, him threatening to call the police and us inviting him to do so.
  6. Glad you hit Fusterlandia - that is amazing place
  7. SD's WIFI is the worst I have every encountered at sea. First, most ships I have been on do not limit you to one device per package - only that 1 device can be logged on at once. On SD, if you want to use 2 devices, phone/tablet/laptop, you would need to pay twice. Really bad. Even worse at least on our cruise, access to an exchange server/outlook was barred. It was simply impossible to access my work VPN or even just cloud emails through Outlook web-mail. From my dealings with staff, it did not seem to be the first time it was a major problem for a guest. I did not have major speed issues as noted above, but had to have my office re-route all my mail to a personal email account - Other than the device issue, for personal use, I think it works fine though
  8. It is not always the same, sometimes it docks at Pier B (at the Margaritaville /formerly Westin) or at the Outer Mole (on the Navy Base) - Depends on what ships are in Port, who gets there first etc. We docked at the Outer Mole in December - really is no big deal - they have a million shuttles and they run constantly. Adds 10 minutes or so and you get a mini-tour
  9. On a different line, the same thing took place. WIFI on board was available. No service while ashore. You will not be able to get WIFI from Key West.
  10. Getting to the Baths in VG is easy. There are plenty of taxis that can take you. We ended up walking - granted it was a very long hot walk
  11. We just did AQ on 11 on the Infinity and there was absolutely zero noise from above. As others noted, it is not the pool deck but the basketball court and rooftop/movie screen . Very convenient location - we liked it a lot for our first non-suite cruise
  12. Personally, to me BLU is a far better experience than the MDR - so I agree with others that whether or not you want to eat in BLU largely determines this.
  13. It is not - plenty of the island is far less touristy but I can certainly see why anyone who sticks to Duval Street and especially Lower Duval (the area near Mallory Square) would not fall in love with our island. There is a large contingency of P-Town people who visit and live here
  14. Pretty sure were were at 19 a couple weeks ago. QSine has been changed to LPC
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