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  1. I heard a rumor that Handre is moving to corporate
  2. I also really like Heather. Unfortunately on Viking now.
  3. Handre is by far the best cruise director I have ever cruised with. Makes every passenger feel special and just does a tremendous job. I also adore Sophie from back when she was an Ass't CD
  4. I saw both shows on the inaugural - they were both excellent in my opinion. Enjoyed a beer on the stage with the cast of Choir of Men before the show
  5. Anyone on board should have the bartender on the right (I forgot his name) pour them a glass of wine - it is quite a show
  6. Not the original poster but my answer is no - the protests were real. There was vandalism and there were trash cans lit on fire etc. But the protests largely did not interfere (in a direct way) with most tourist activities - and during my 4 days there (October 20-23) - we did not have any direct impacts at all on our visit.
  7. We just returned off the Ovation which embarked in BCN and had no problems at all. We were there in the middle of the protest activities, right after the end of the first wave. Other than the graffiti and a few broken store windows, Barcelona was fine - with an increased police/security presence. The port itself was also fine. No issues at all.
  8. Safe travels - with the exception of our first day, I hope the seas and conditions are similar to the way they were on our October crossing
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