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  1. Hi Folks Have just declined an upsell offer for our 3 -23 December cruise on Maasdam We have two ocean view cabins next door to each other the wife and I in one and the mother in law in the other ... the upsell offer was upgrade to best available Vista suite for $650 per person with the single occupant paying double so a total of $2600 ... we thought this was to much considering the Vista suites get very few perks and are more or less just balcony cabins What do you folks think Regards John
  2. Hi Folks Have just had an upsell offer for our 3-23 December cruise on Maasdam Offer is upgrade from ocean view to vista suite -- $650 per person so that $2600 in total We have 2 x ocean views booked with 2 persons in one and a single occupant in the other ,....cabins are next door to each other offer is for best available. Having a good think about this we have decided to decline the offer... what do you think?? Regards John
  3. Hi Folks When ships are "Home Ported" in Australia should they be subject to Australian Law? IE Should all extras be included in the published fare? Should fares be in $AUD and should on board costs also be in $AUD ? How long does a ship need to operate in Australian waters to be classed as home ported? With RCL's Private Island being a feature that many will like to enjoy I see some of the seasonal ships operating in Australian waters year round. So what do you all think??? Regards John
  4. Snowglobe try writing to this address dg@qantas.com.au Hope it works for you Regards John
  5. Just make sure you look for the low floor trams ....trains you go to the very front and the driver will put out a ramp for you ..most of the drivers are very nice with you if you are staying three days you should be able to get about quite a bit lots of nice shops and arcades in Melbourne ..look for GOG and MayGog....... Regards' John
  6. Station pier in Melbourne will be on if its not raining You can take your scooter on the tram into town ..look for a low floor tram ...and then trundle around town almost anywhere you like Or you can just trundle along the waterfront area which is quite nice if its raining ...well stay on the ship ..... I dont go into town very often as I am approx 30 KM Due east of the city , however I do use the train and tram and take my scooter on both for my regular dental checks as I use the undergraduate clinic which offers free of charge treatment on is first class you can go to Flinders street station and get the train to Belgrave in the Dandenongs about a two hour trip, and thence on the Puffing billy steam train ..but thats a long all day trip regards John
  7. In the restaurant drive to your table and they will take your scooter out and bring it back to you after your meal .. outside shops and theaters or public spaces is not an issue I would not bother with the cover just more to carry and you will be able to take the scooter into disabled toilets or park outside normal ones in public areas if required ... the only issue is that you may have to wait for a lift at busy times ....also I have found no issues taking my scooter ashore on the tenders ... ohh sometimes the gangplanks can be steep which is FUN !
  8. I would imagine you will have plenty of room in that cabin.. I have never used a weelchair cabin but sometime have had a suite as their are three of us with my scooter and the MILs walker ,its a bit tight in a standard cabin but we have not had too many problems Regards John
  9. If all else fails just turn up at the gate and smile at them.. I have been flying with my scooter for about five years without a problem on Qantas , Virgin , Tiger , air New Zealand and Emirates with no problems at all, arrive early if at all possible. but as your scooter dismantles it should not be an issue at all BTW they do not remove my battery or dismantle the scooter at all Best regards John
  10. Once on board the ship be aware they dont like you to leave the scooter in the corridors ....they do get a bit snotty about that so put it in your cabin every time ...but with the smaller machines its not an issue as they fit through the standard cabin door without issue ( you should not need to dismantle) I have found both the airlines and cruise lines to be most helpful) regards John
  11. I have found its best to use the European outlets IE 220v as the charger runs much cooler , despite being a dual voltage device (due to the charger being a switch mode device I suspect) regards John
  12. I agree they will let you have the scooter until the gate and they will bring it back to you at the gate at the other end of your flight , be prepared to wait for it however, and make sure they understand how to take the scooter out of gear so they can push it without any issues...... Regards John
  13. With Qantas REGISTER your scooter with them you need a dangerous goods approval which is valid for one year.. just send them details of your scooter or a link to the manufacturers info and Qantas will send you the approval ... you need to show them this at check in .......it will help a great deal and takes very little effort Regards John ....PS I travel with my invacare colibri on a regular basis with all Australian airlines and also Air New Zealand whom have all been most helpful but let them know in advance
  14. Hi Folks After I had just finished doing it all the hard way ..now you tell me (Grin) but its now an easy way to put a copy of the docs onto my phone as a backup in case paper docs are lost Not long now till our 3rd December embarkation on Maasdam ... really looking forward to it Regards John
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