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  1. Thanks! That 200-500 can be a bit heavy carrying it around for a while.
  2. I've used my small travel tripod quite a bit on board the ships.
  3. I echo what JT1962 said. The beach sand is a little coarse--but you get an exfoliating foot scrub along with your walk along the beach. 😃 The water was wonderfully warm. The sea grass is just the nature of a beach in that location, they were raking it out the whole time we were there.
  4. This was our second visit to Costa Maya on cruise stops. We tried to book Maya Chan on our first visit but it was full, we were able to get a reservation for this trip and man, were we ever glad! We've done similar beach clubs on other islands with mixed results, but this one hit it out of the park! It's about a 30-minute taxi ride (included in your cost) to the beach club, some of which was over bumpy, dirt roads--so you kind of get one of those 4x4 adventures with it! We were greeted by David, one of the owners, who gave us a quick overview and tour of the club, then we were led to our cabana. Quite frankly, we were expecting just some chairs and an umbrella, like at other locations, but we were really impressed with the two, padded Adirondack chairs, a padded lounger, and a hammock, all in the shade of a thatched-roof hut! Repeat visitors even have their hut marked by a chalkboard sign with their names! The service was fast, friendly and efficient. Snacks and drinks were served just moments after we ordered them throughout the day. Lunch was absolutely delicious, with the meats and tortillas freshly grilled. The food just had a fresh taste about it. A variety of water activities are included: stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, floating chairs, and snorkel gear. The only thing not included in the price is a massage. We were solicited only once for a massage, but we declined. During your visit, one of the staff members comes around to explain the return taxi ride details and lets you pick your desired departure time. About 10 minutes prior to our ride, they came by to notify us, as they promised, and the taxi arrived promptly to take us back to the ship. We will most certainly visit again--just so we get greeted by one of those signs. 😁
  5. We stopped at Harvest Caye as a port stop on a cruise on the NCL Sun. The gov't of Belize is in charge of all parts of this operation, and it was a horrible experience. There were two ships in port that day, the NCL Getaway with its 3,500+ guests, and us, with 2,000+ guests. There is room for only one ship at the pier, so we had to tender. The tendering process is an absolute joke! It took us more than two hours of waiting in line to get on a tender to get to the island, and we had to wait another hour for the tender ride back (it was a 10-minute boat ride). The island clearly is incapable of handling crowds. We had no chance to get anything to eat because there are only two places to eat, and they are both sit-down establishments. Each one had waits of more than an hour. The only highlight of the stop was the pool bar, where the staff is very efficient in serving the customers. We also got to see an iguana swim across the pool, so at least we had that going for us.
  6. The only time I had the Sony with me was when I was searching for wildlife with the 200-500. My point being--regardless of what you take, 24 isn't wide enough for AK scenery.
  7. I'm a Nikon/Sony guy and on my AK cruise I took my D500 with 200-500 for wildlife, D750 with 24-120 and my a6000 with 16-50. I found I wished I had brought my 14-24 because of the vastness of the landscape.
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