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  1. We used Ocean Ready for our December cruise and had no issues. It says we should get the Medallions about two weeks before sailing.
  2. We always book for the itinerary, and have been on the same ship multiple times. Have never been disappointed!
  3. This has never happened to us. Another couple has just decided to book the same cruise with us. They are new to Princess but not new to cruising. I was wondering if we will be able to bring them to the evening cocktail lounge as our guests? Has anyone else done this?
  4. We just finished a cruise on the Pacific Princess which has a cozy love seat in balcony cabins. While on board we met with the future cruise consultant and booked a future cruise on Caribbean Princess. We decided to move up to a mini suite after she confirmed the removal of the barrel chairs was across the entire fleet.
  5. RESOLVED!!!! We were moved three cabins from we originally were from mid-aft to midship and saved money from re-pricing. Now flagged no upgrade. So we are happy.
  6. She is afraid of sea sickness.
  7. Last time we cruised we were offered an up-sell from the same Caribe cabin to a mini at the back which we turned down. A few days later we were offered an up-sell again to a mini all the way in the front which we turned down. Than five days before sailing they offered again an up-sell to a club class for the same price they offered for the first two. We grabbed that one.
  8. Thanks for all the comments. Yes it is an upgrade, but the wife is afraid of being at one end of the ship. I can’t say I fully agree with her, but this is a battle I won’t win. She is so upset she is threatening cancelling. Hopefully something will be worked out to make her happy. This will be our 15th Princess Cruise making us elite after this.
  9. We have a booking on the Caribbean Princess in December which we booked in April. We booked C506 a mid aft (B2) balcony just aft of mid ship. Princess just “Upgraded” us to D722 (MD) mini suite all the way in the back. This cabin is opposite the self service laundry. It’s certainly not what we consider an upgrade. At the moment our TA is fighting with Princess to get our old cabin back.
  10. My wife and I are both Platinum. Do you know if one of us purchases the four device plan if we can use multiple devices at the same time? We would have two I-Phones and two I-Pads with us.
  11. We took the Stonehenge tour and they assigned different busses depending on which terminal your flight was departing from. So each bus dropped off at only one terminal.
  12. On an Alaska cruise ending in Vancouver we bought a Princess post cruise hotel package that included a transfer, and was assigned a 10:00 departure time. We had breakfast in the DR and than went to the lounge around 9:00. They were in the process of closing up, and the host told us they were running early and we should disembark right now. When we got to our luggage they indeed were not ready for us, and we hung around the luggage area for 45 minutes. Would have been more comfortable straying in the lounge till the proper time.
  13. Keep in mind there is only one laundry room on each deck with two washers and two dryers. On our last cruise we opted to pay for laundry service to avoid the hassle. If all goes according to plan we will be elite at the end of the year. Looking forward to free laundry service!
  14. Its a full two weeks which is a long time. We are all wondering what is being done?
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