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  1. I could be wrong on this but I vaguely recall reading somewhere that Cheers is closed permanently.
  2. That makes sense. It will reposition from FLL to NYC without passengers.
  3. We were on her last summer and used cruise cards.
  4. We had an August trip cancelled. Got the email from Princess within a few hours of their posting on the web site. Our TA is a one person operation. My wife said she would call the TA tomorrow during the day. Within an hour our TA CALLED US and rebooked the same cruise for 2021.
  5. We were on this cruise two years ago and met a couple from North Korea.
  6. It’s appearing more and more Princess may have to run to FLL as the only option for getting people home. My guess is they really don’t want to do this since the ship will next be needed on the west coast. I figure they were planning on running without passengers around Cape Horn and up to California to avoid the Panama Canal passage fees with an empty ship.
  7. It seems the best approach is to run the ship to FLL with passengers and without any port stops after loading supplies in Montevideo. I wonder if Princess is considering that option?
  8. Bought 100 shares yesterday at $31.49.
  9. My wife and I recently completed our 15th cruise. At the end of the cruise we received no letter about becoming Elite, but when we sign into our accounts it clearly shows our status as Elite. Needless to say we are really looking forward to the next cruise with FREE LAUNDRY!
  10. We were on the Pacific Princess this past August and it was PES. We will be on the Caribbean Princess in a few weeks.
  11. We are platinum for one more cruise scheduled in three weeks. We will be very unhappy if we are not allowed in. Since we will become elite at the end of that cruise in the long run it will have very little long term impact on us.
  12. I see six green circles now. Must have been one of those software glitches.
  13. Our Medallions shipped today for our 12/10 embarkation. We previously had green circles on all six Ocean Ready tasks. I noticed the Travel Documents circle now has an orange exclamation mark. When I go into it I see all our passport information as well as a check mark on the bottom. The only thing I notice is a message on the top reminding us to bring our travel documents to the port. I wonder if they added this because some people did not bring their passport figuring it was already in the app? Has anyone else noticed this?
  14. On this topic when do they put them up. I am asking because I will be on the Crown Dec 10 - 20?
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