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  1. Funny story - my daughter (age 15 at the time) would get such a kick out of some of the looks she/we got when she was with us in the suite lounge. We still giggle about it. I know there are many, many wonderful and friendly Pinnacle members but this one woman, who proudly wore her Pinnacle pin for everyone to see, looked at her/us like she just ate a sour lemon. We would see her everywhere - each time we got priority debarkation at ports (we were in an OS) we ended up sitting by her in the tender boats. Her sour look got more and more pronounced as the week went on. My dau
  2. We will be arriving for two nights before leaving out of Port of Miami. We are overwhelmed with options! we are considering South Beach - thoughts? Thanks!!
  3. Diamond lounge and suite lounge are different - my daughter would come into the suite lounge (age 15) and spread out her homework in the middle of the day for a quiet space to do some work outside the cabin. No issues!
  4. We started out in a GS, then OS a few couple times...and now in January 2022 we are in a Star Loft/Star Class on Symphony. It is a slippery slope for the checkbook!! 🤣 I think the only other thing not mentioned is the concierge will also escort you off the ship in the ports of call. Really upsets other passengers as they change the elevator to VIP status and bypass everyone waiting in line to get off the ship (we usually look down and keep whispering to each other...”no eye contact, no eye contact”).
  5. That looks to be correct - here is Serenade's deck plan and #1052 is a GS.
  6. Look at the Deck Plans on the RCCL site - you can see the color codes for the different levels. The cabin I was referring to was #1060.
  7. The bottom is Radiance the top is Jewel - just switched around. #1060 on The Radiance is the large balcony Grand Suite. It is next door to an OS.
  8. Ah - it was 1060 - I just checked the deck plans and it lists it as GS on Radiance. We have been in both OS and GS / this definitely looks like a GS size.
  9. We stayed in - I think - 1060 on Radiance - huge balcony and beautiful GS. You have more perks with a GS vs JS as well.
  10. The Oasis and Quantum Class have three tiers of suite class - Star Class is the top tier with the Royal Genie and all the perks. We are in a Star loft - there are only two of these two level cabins on the Symphony of the Seas. The three suite tiers are: Royal Suite Class offers three tiers of accommodations, based on the suite category, Star, Sky, and Sea. This is the link from the RCCL website: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-rooms/royal-suite-class
  11. We usually sail RCI in a suite and in the past we could grab some lunch at the buffet and eat it in one of the specialty restaurants for some calm dining away from the masses. Next January we will be sailing Star Class on the Symphony of the Seas and will probably eat in Coastal Kitchen - the dining for suites and pinnacle guests.
  12. We lifted and shifted our January 2021 cruise to January 2022, but still had airfare to Orlando so we spent 12 days in Orlando - five days at Universal and six days/seven nights at Disney. We flew from WI. We usually alternate between Disney and cruising, so this was not an unusual trip (our last Disney trip was January 2019). We also drove east in October and went to PA and VA. It was nice to not have a "plan" - we winged it and found hotels spur of the moment in towns not pre-planned. We traveled to Orlando January 9-20 and the planes were FULL. On the way down, we f
  13. I have been perusing the menus - found the Symphony dining menus - free and specialty on a Google search. I don’t think I can post the link here. I feel like even if we would not have gotten the unlimited dining package with our suite, we would have still purchased it!!
  14. 12 years for me too! They make for great stories though.
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