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  1. And…on Friday, 10/1 they moved January sailings to 30 days for final payment.
  2. Not worried…$$ is happily in hand and I would like to keep it in MY hands and not RCCL’s for as long as I can. Snark not necessary but also not surprising.
  3. Using your crystal balls, do you think RCCL will extend the 30 day final payment date past December? We sail 1/8/22 and so our final payment is due at the end of this month. My TA is on vacation until 9/27 and we have to get final payment to him by 9/30 (I think RCCL expects it the first week of October). Should I attempt to call RCCL and ask myself? I do not want to cancel, but since our sailing is Star Class and a hefty amount, I really don't want RCCL sitting on our money any longer than they need to. TIA!
  4. We are looking at a Greece/Mediterranean cruise in a few years. We have never been to Europe, so we would love to hear about which itineraries you like and which ports were your favorites and why 😊.
  5. We typically cruise in a suite, but have never felt the need to pay extra for a dining package. We will be in Star Class on our next cruise and the Unlimited Dining Package and the deluxe beverage package are included, so we may change our tune after trying the specialty dining. We are not big alcohol drinkers so we do buy the Refreshment beverage package typically for the pop and the freshly squeezed juices. The shows are all included as are MANY dining options. I would expect that on all other lines, the shore excursions are an added cost. Specialty coffees (like Starbucks) are extra, but there are many included coffees as well. RCL has some entertainment options that are an additional cost - like the laser tag or escape rooms. Overall, I think you can have a very enjoyable time without paying extra. It all depends on your personal preferences.
  6. We will be sailing on the Symphony of the Seas and mostly eating in the specialty restaurants. I am wondering which are your top three items you have eaten - Included and Specialty both! Be sure to include if it is a breakfast, lunch or dinner and which restaurant (or buffet!) 🙂
  7. We did a shuttle from PC to Orlando. It was easy and not too expensive if I remember correctly. We flew into MCO and took a shuttle both ways.
  8. We only cruise in January because I am a university professor and from WI. January is between my fall and spring semesters and in WI, we want to escape the snow and cold for a bit. We do not see the point in cruising to a warm destination when we have warm weather in WI. We have other places we travel in the summer.
  9. Honestly, the servers would have no idea or be concerned I am sure :). We usually do the refreshment package as well.
  10. We sail out on a Saturday and are flying in Thursday evening. We won’t be hauling luggage, so we will be ok that way. Our hotel has a shuttle from the airport and we will just be using local transportation on Friday to explore during the day. We will take an Uber to the port on Saturday morning.
  11. Hi All, We are cruising out of Miami in January 2022 and decided to stay at a hotel by the airport since we fly in late two nights before our cruise. We got a good rate on a highly rated hotel so we plan to take the local transportation. We see they have metro rail and other ways to get to the Bayside Marketplace area. Is it easy? Safe? We have used the rail system in other large cities and are comfortable as long as we feel safe. If all else fails we are perfectly fine to Uber/Lyft. Tell me about your experiences! Thank you~
  12. They will still have the ability to use a Keys to the Kingdom “ticket” card, the old Magic Bands still work so you can reuse them, and in the grand scheme of a Disney vacation the extra 5.00 for a generic colored Magic Band is not going to matter much. Many carry their phones all the time anyway or want to purchase the fancy Magic Bands as a trip souvenir/fashion statement.
  13. We will be sailing Star Class (with the Royal Genie) on Symphony next January. Star class includes the deluxe beverage package and the Unlimited Dining package for all the specialty restaurants. We are especially excited for: Izumi - Japanese with Hibachi style cooking Hooked - Seafood Jamie's Italian Chops Steakhouse Wonderland - just to try it Some say that Johnny Rocket's has good breakfast. We will probably eat in the Suite Lounge - Coastal Kitchen once or twice. We will probably have our Genie deliver breakfast from Coastal Kitchen every morning to eat on our deck. There is also a Starbucks on board that my daughter is excited for. Search on You Tube for ship tour videos - there is an excellent one on the Symphony of the Seas that walks you through the entire ship.
  14. Got it - we are on Symphony. Good to know the 13.00 drinks are included. 😊 Thank you!
  15. I have seen drinks up to $12.00 in value and $13.00 in value included. Which is it now? Also does the “up to” mean $13.00 ARE included or not? Thanks!
  16. Funny story - my daughter (age 15 at the time) would get such a kick out of some of the looks she/we got when she was with us in the suite lounge. We still giggle about it. I know there are many, many wonderful and friendly Pinnacle members but this one woman, who proudly wore her Pinnacle pin for everyone to see, looked at her/us like she just ate a sour lemon. We would see her everywhere - each time we got priority debarkation at ports (we were in an OS) we ended up sitting by her in the tender boats. Her sour look got more and more pronounced as the week went on. My daughter would go out of her way to say good morning/good afternoon to her each time she saw her in the suite lounge. 😜
  17. We will be arriving for two nights before leaving out of Port of Miami. We are overwhelmed with options! we are considering South Beach - thoughts? Thanks!!
  18. Diamond lounge and suite lounge are different - my daughter would come into the suite lounge (age 15) and spread out her homework in the middle of the day for a quiet space to do some work outside the cabin. No issues!
  19. We started out in a GS, then OS a few couple times...and now in January 2022 we are in a Star Loft/Star Class on Symphony. It is a slippery slope for the checkbook!! 🤣 I think the only other thing not mentioned is the concierge will also escort you off the ship in the ports of call. Really upsets other passengers as they change the elevator to VIP status and bypass everyone waiting in line to get off the ship (we usually look down and keep whispering to each other...”no eye contact, no eye contact”).
  20. That looks to be correct - here is Serenade's deck plan and #1052 is a GS.
  21. Look at the Deck Plans on the RCCL site - you can see the color codes for the different levels. The cabin I was referring to was #1060.
  22. The bottom is Radiance the top is Jewel - just switched around. #1060 on The Radiance is the large balcony Grand Suite. It is next door to an OS.
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