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  1. I’ve hosted two meet & greets, the first one I did a bingo game, wth questions about people on the roll call, and the intinery ( South America), the second one was a transatlantic and we had over 100 people come. We did a magnent exchange, for those who wanted to participate they brought a wrapped magnent representing their part of the world, we threw it in a hat, later everyone drew a magnet and you walked around till you found the person who brought it. I personally don’t like the gift exchange thing because I don’t want to waste packing space. The group activity coordinator on the ship will be around to assist, on our bingo game I bought a few prizes for the winners, ncl threw in a bottle of wine. Have fun!
  2. Ncl doesn’t do invitations, I did this on the last one I coordinated and it was a frustrating, time consuming exercise on embarkation day. My suggestion to keep talking it up in the roll call, figure on half of the people that signed up to actually show up. They do provide write on name tags, refreshments, and officers to give a brief presentation. All the ones I’ve gone to have been at 11am on the first sea day. Sometimes the coordinator gets a few perks and sometimes not, I wouldn’t count on it. I do it because I’ve attended several and figure it’s my turn.
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