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  1. Can you please provide date s? Was this your first bid? or did you have to rebid several times? thx
  2. We did the tour with Dora the Explorer and it was excellent and very personal..... would highly recommend!
  3. To be very honest I found royal palms to be busy, crowded and overpriced - with blaring loud techno pop music (until we asked the DJ nicely to change it up a bit? ) LOL. If you like being in very busy place with lots of people then this might be the place for you? I much prefer a more subdued 'vibe' and relaxing atmosphere so won't be visiting there again.....
  4. Even this doesn't work as you need an 'american registered credit card' - not just an address (and you can probably figure out how I know this? LOLOL)
  5. I carry a nice tote bag (hot pink coach bag) - and put everything I might need inside - so I don't have to keep running back to the cabin to get something: book, glasses, sunglasses, sunscreen, tissues, gloss, notepad/pen, sun hat, fun times, ipod/earbuds, water bottle - works great for me - and I always have what I need with me :) (I typically use it as my airplane/under the seat bag - so dual purpose!). In the evenings I carry a small crossbody - black or white - depending on my outfit - with card, lipgloss, glasses....
  6. Good job! I send out some 'non important' stuff but good stuff never goes to ship's laundry!!! I am already stressing about my luggage weight - hope I can do as well as you! :)
  7. Okay - let me know if you have any extra hangers - I might need them! LOLOL;p
  8. No need to pack hangers - you can get as many as you like from your room steward if you need more (I always need a LOT and do not want to waste precious ounces in my suitcase for this! LOL)
  9. Can actually do all of this at my seat if required - so will not be taking up any extra airplane bathroom time! LOL:halo:...and you're right - I suspect I won't feel like doing 'anything' so will just deplane looking like everyone else!
  10. Wish I could cut down but it NEVER happens! LOL I wear my running shoes on the plane, then I pack: -1 pair wedge high dressy sandals -1 pair dress flats -1 pair 'beach' flip flops -1 pair black fancy flip flops -1 pair white flips flops ...then possible pink fancy or green fancy depending on which outfits I am bringing? YIKES - no wonder my suitcase is also so heavy - I do have trouble keeping under the 50 lb limit - and try to put some shoes/heavier stuff in my carryon for obvious reasons! :)
  11. Sounds like a great plan - I am just not sure about concealer or anything 'on' my skin - especially overnight on a plane? I am a stickler for cleaning off all makeup before bed - no matter how tired I am - and take very good care of my skin - but let's just say I do need some 'help' when out and about? LOL Excellent advice!! Hi Deb!!! - I too am very very vain - and I am really struggling with this - I am saying I will leave the house 'bare naked' but somehow I doubt that will happen? LOL. I will make sure to have my usual 'cleanup' routine with me if need be: eyemakeup remover, facial cleansing wipe, cotton pads, micellar water, toner, serum, eye cream and moisturizer and lip balm. I realize now I won't really need a sink/water to do any of this (but would still probably go to the washroom for a few minutes and use the mirror?). Will definitely brush my teeth with toothbrush and NON airplane water! ..and can't wait to use my facial mist - I do not sleep well if at all on planes so will play with that and 'rest' as much as possible. As someone else noted for the 'morning' I will have travel/sample sizes of some makeup prods that I can put on my face before I deplane if I so choose. I know I will feel and look like crap at 5 am /10 am so that will drive what I do? I am assuming my hotel room will NOT be ready so will have to hang out for a while before I can wash up and shower and change clothes!!!
  12. Have fun and post lots of pics and notes (please see if there is a duty free liquor store BEYOND security as there was in the previous/old BCN port terminal bldg? :) ) Will be on the Horizon transatlantic and looking forward to 'enjoying' the ship!:hearteyes:
  13. From what I understand there was a death in the cabin - an older gentleman - died of natural causes - guess they still have to 'seal' the room for some reason?
  14. I would just pack for a one week cruise - with a few extras? You will be on 3 different cruises/with different people so can rewear almost all your clothes -especially those you are only wearing a few hours in the evening/dinner time - assuming you are not a messy eater;p:eek:?? I agree that not everything can go to the laundry - but most of your 'day clothes (e.g. shorts/tanks/t shirts/socks/undies/pjs) should be okay so you don't really need a whole lot? (I say this to myself too as I am a chronic overpacker - with free laundry so try not to bring too much stuff!). Just make sure you send out ALL the things you need to the laundry at the end of the 2nd Carnival cruise so you will have clean clothes for the MSC cruise! Enjoy! :)
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