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  1. Check this out: https://www.wltx.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/carnival-cruise-travel-insurance/67-df625e4a-f08b-4705-bb84-c041ffbd7305?fbclid=IwAR2CrNyJvFaF-xNROqYMw7aaYbtBf5Gt6Qr5lIE3uVThDRw1FuawSZGSuw0
  2. Have done 5 transatlantics and never had a problem bringing wine on board in several ports 🙂
  3. Love the cove balconies and they are my preferred cabin - but be careful what is over you - I try to choose one under the dining room and not the galley which gets noisy early morning. Never had any issues - love being protected/private and close to the water 🙂 We did a B2B on the Magic in cabin 2329.
  4. the cove balconies are usually on the '2nd' passenger deck so in my opinion this is no different? Just numbering is different...... I LOVE the cove balconies - very private, quiet, protected and close to the water - I once saw this huge sea turtle swiimming by - it was amazing!
  5. Sounds like you all got some good cabins....with the help of my PVP I was able to get a cabin under the dining room! (was not being shown on the website) so we are thrilled and have booked b2b cruises next winter.....now let's just hope cruising has resumed and everyone can be safe onboard! 🙂
  6. Starting to plan a B2B next winter 2022 and looking for a cove balcony in a quiet area as my husband is a very light sleeper and noise can be a problem. All the coves are located on Deck 5 and Deck 6 is a public deck with lots of venues/bars/restaurants etc, so I am using the drag deck feature on cruisedeckplans.com for the Mardi Gras, to see what might be over our heads! LOL The problem is the decks don't really align well so I am getting a bit frustrated. If I line up deck 5 and 6 with back elevators, I may be under the dining room which is okay, but if I line it up
  7. That was an awesome cruise and I think we all have the most amazing memories of this fabulous cruise! 🙂 🙂
  8. I think we ALL definitely remember Sasha - what a great time we all had! Fabulous memories! 🙂
  9. Wow - can't believe this review has been 'resurrected' LOL - such great memories (and I notice the pix are now back but with those banners everywhere!). I don't have any recent reviews - just some old ones hanging around (which can be found in the links in my signature). Glad you enjoyed it and hope we can start cruising again soon (as I write this I was supposed to be on a FABULOUS 16 day transatlantic on the Legend from NYC to Dover - alas it did not happen - heartbroken of course - but it's for the best!).
  10. First timer on RCCL and researching an october canada cruise - usually get a balcony but looking at OV cabins - found a good rate but concerned about possible noise? According to deck plans cabin 7178 is over the Boleros night club (port/aft) - I wondering how noisy it will be at night? Looks like a latin band plays there in the evenings - not sure how late that goes and if music would be heard in cabin? Any insight from RCCL experts greatly appreciated! Thanks 🙂
  11. Grabbed an upgrade to an OS on our upcoming cruise and trying to get some good information on the outlet possibilities for those that have stayed in this accommodation. Hubby is using a CPAP and our last cruise (in a balcony cabin) we had no trouble with a long extension cord from the bed to the outlet near the desk/table top. Currently looking at pics and videos of the Ocean Suite and noting the only outlets seem to be at the vanity desk/makeup mirror area which is 'around' the corner from the bedroom area - and there is only one? This seems VERY far from the bed and would be aw
  12. Will also be docked in Curacao from 1:30 - 10:30 pm - so also wondering about timing for some of the 'longer' tours?
  13. Will also be on the 16 day Transatlantic next June - for those that are interested here is a video tour:
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