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  1. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/u-s-canadian-travellers-mixed-vaccines-1.6213176
  2. This looks perfectly acceptable as it has the dates and vaccine types - why could it not replace the receipts? Or do they need to be able to 'read/access' the QR code to confirm? In which case this would only be useful here/locally. Would have to get the 'cruiselines' to download the Verify app! 🙂 ...and now looks like those 'receipts' are no longer available!!! Can I still use the vaccine receipt I have been using? Yes, people can continue to use their current vaccine receipt if they prefer that. Businesses are required to accept that as proof of vaccination. However, people can no longer download these receipts off the province’s online portal
  3. So I thought you could 'enter' the US with mixed vaccines? but that you could not cruise with mixed vaccines? Wow - hope they straighten this out sooner than later.... so confusing to everyone and making things harder than they need to be in my opinion!
  4. Thanks again - will see what we find out!
  5. I am planning to cancel by Carnival b2b cruises (as shared on John Heald's page) given they do not offer the testing onboard. I would be flying out of Orlando airport which does have a testing site HOWEVER while they do list the PCR test they say 'subject to availability'? HUH - how does that work if it's not available? LOL Then there is the cost: $149 US pp, for results by 11 pm the NEXT night meaning possibly a 2 night hotel stay, or $199 US pp for results by 11 pm same day (meaning one night's hotel stay post cruise). When I add the cost of the tests/hotels/food etc. I am adding another $800 US to my trip! Rather spend that onboard LOL Looking at Celebrity which has fantastic perks (20% off, free drink package, free wifi, prepaid gratuities and another canadian/ontario resident discount) add to this the free PCR testing (and less stress/less vacation days) - it makes it very attractive and competitive with the price I paid for my carnival cruise....
  6. Unfortunately still no mention/approval of mixed AZ/MNRA vaccines 😞 https://covid19.trackvaccines.org/agency/who/
  7. Thanks so much for this info - in regard to step 3 - did you do this right before the shot (on Monday) or when making the appointment (Friday) - was there any questioning on previous vaccinations by anyone at the pharmacy? I see what you mean as I did check the SDM website and there is an option to see which pharmacy carries which vaccine. While we live in Nepean no problem getting to Kanata if we have to 🙂
  8. So did you make an appointment online? or just walked in? or called? (may I ask which Shoppers it was?)....sounds like it was easy peasy while others are having a very hard time!
  9. Thanks for the info - but I don't know of anyone here who got the dose 27 days apart - in fact it was hard enough getting it 12-14 weeks aspart - as demonstrated by the need to have mixed vaccines! LOL I sure hope they eventually approved the mixed doses for everyone!
  10. Really? What about the 3-4 person cabins (dark square) - I know those have the bed by the door and they are on both sides of the ship?
  11. ....even if the document says you have received TWO valid doses? and yes only the date of the second dose is listed on the OMH document, but it does confirm two doses were administered., why do they need to see date of first dose?
  12. You are lucky to have ONE document with all the specific details of your two shots (including dates and types) - this is not the case in Ontario. As for the QR code we are about to get that here as well - but I understand that does not provide any vaccination details - just shows you are fully vaccinated (and thus would not be suitable or acceptable I guess to board any ship). May I ask where you have read this? Which cruise lines?
  13. Excellent - and thanks to all for the input - I read about the 'sleeper sofa' cabins having the couch near the balcony so understand the one next it should have the opposite configuration (In fact I found a verandah cabin between two 'dark square' cabins - so pretty sure that would have the bed next to the balcony right? 🙂 As for the CPAP will definitely call and make arrangements for extension cord and distilled water - and will try not to trip on the cord (and I think with the bed at balcony with hubby on left side of bed desk pluggers will be reachable). I was disappointed to hear tho that the Reflection was not updated and no USB ports next to the bed either! 😞
  14. Thanks again - and as mentioned I am reading about recent cruisers only using the one OMH document listing the two valid doses and dates - indicating fully vaccinated status - and being able to board with that (Even travel agent Don used this as well for Celebrity). Wonder if that has changed now?
  15. Thanks for the link - very helpful. Where were are you reading that the one OMH document is not sufficient. Everywhere I am reading, and recent cruisers have all been indicating, that this document was sufficient and acceptable as their proof of vaccination?
  16. I only have ONE document from OMH indicated I have 2 valid doses of AZ and the dates - I don't have 2 certificates??? Is this not good enough?
  17. Investigating a possible January cruise on the Reflection and looking to pick a verandah cabin - is there any way to know/figure out where the bed/couch is located in a specific cabin? (yes I have been hunting down videos/images, etc.) . If I called Celebrity would they be able to tell me? Also my husband has a CPAP machine - we do always bring an extension cord with us - but wondering if there are any outlets next to/behind the bed where this might be plugged in? Any info greatly appreciated - thanks! 🙂
  18. This is what my 'OMH document' looks like/says: Date/Date: 2021-06-06, 12:39 p.m. Agent/Agent: COVID-19 Non-rep VV Product Name/Nom du produit: ASTRAZENECA COVID-19 VACCINE Diluent Product: Not Applicable / Ne s’applique pas Lot/Lot: ABX3120 Dosage/Dosage: 0.5 ml Route/Voie: Intramuscular / intramusculaire Site/Site: Left deltoid / deltoïde gauche You have received 2 valid dose(s) / Vous avez reçu 2 dose(s) valide(s) I have been using this as proof of vaccination where required here at home and have been told (by a travel agent - just off of Celebrity) - that was the proof required and accepted??
  19. Just ONE document - listing 2 valid doses/dates and AstraZeneca. This is what (part of) my document looks like/says: Date/Date: 2021-06-06, 12:39 p.m. Agent/Agent: COVID-19 Non-rep VV Product Name/Nom du produit: ASTRAZENECA COVID-19 VACCINE Diluent Product: Not Applicable / Ne s’applique pas Lot/Lot: ABX3120 Dosage/Dosage: 0.5 ml Route/Voie: Intramuscular / intramusculaire Site/Site: Left deltoid / deltoïde gauche You have received 2 valid dose(s) / Vous avez reçu 2 dose(s) valide(s) I have a friend who got AZ then Pfizer - her OMH documents says 2 valid doses/date and ONLY PFIZER is mentioned on the document -under 'product name' - no mention that she actually received mixed vaccines??? If this document is acceptable sounds like she could 'technically' cruise with no one knowing about the mixed vaccines? Very strange!
  20. Thanks for the response and heads up about the Canadian Cruisers thread!...and yes I did watch Don's youtube about this Celebrity PCR test debacle - so this got me worried. I also have a friend cruising on Celebrity in November so will see what her experience is like!
  21. So my Ontario Ministry of Health proof of vaccination states I have received 2 valid doses of: AstraZeneca Covid 19 Vaccine - but does not say which 'type' it is? Will this be a problem? Will they just ask me which type? Most confusing!
  22. So I understand Celebrity does offer onboard testing for 'home country requirements - and as Canadian I am interested in hearing experiences from recent Celebrity cruisers to see what their experiences were. Were you able to 'book' your PCR test while onboard, a few days BEFORE the cruise ended (within the 72 hr window), so that you had your results upon disembarkation, and your flight back home to Canada. Any issues or problems? Would love to hear your experience and how it worked for you! Thanks 🙂
  23. I am currently looking to book a verandah cabin on the Reflection for January - when I get to cabin picking I have two choices - cruise rate only or Always included (drinks/wifi/tips) and the PRICE is identical? Why would one pick 'cruise only' when you can get the extra perks at the exact same price? But when I continue through with my mock booking and get to the final cost page to 'lock it in/pay deposit' , I do see the 20% discount (and another canadian resident discount it seems!!) but no mention of the 'always included' perks? When and how does that appear? How do I ensure it is actually included? or just a matter of trust? 🙂
  24. Check this out: https://www.wltx.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/carnival-cruise-travel-insurance/67-df625e4a-f08b-4705-bb84-c041ffbd7305?fbclid=IwAR2CrNyJvFaF-xNROqYMw7aaYbtBf5Gt6Qr5lIE3uVThDRw1FuawSZGSuw0
  25. Have done 5 transatlantics and never had a problem bringing wine on board in several ports 🙂
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