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  1. That is not so we had to wait for them to announce a ship to Alaska when they sold the Sun. I'm hoping they will throw a few Alaska cruises in between costal and Mexico. That is what they were going to do on our 2021 cruise. ALWAYS CAN HOPE
  2. I will wait until they announce a round trip LA to Alaska
  3. I'm not elite but she will let me know what ship on the day it opens up. I think it is 15th or 16th
  4. My consultant is calling me next week with the ship and cruise dates for round trip LA to Alaska for 2022
  5. They are going to name the ship Oct 6 and open the bookings for elites and then to others on oct 7. Sounds like it will be the Crown
  6. we are also going to keep this cruise
  7. just got off the phone with Princess they are working on a replacement
  8. there goes another Alaska cruise I was so looking forward to canceled. I wonder when they are going to let me know. Both times I had a lot of extras added in
  9. I called Princess and did get the specialty dinning added to my cruise and kept my other offer of shipboard credit.
  10. When I booked Alaska 2021 it came with $150.00 pp shipboard credit. If I try to get the specialty dinning I would loose the shipboard credit. Make sure you are not loosing a perk when you booked just to get specialty dinning.
  11. I got my money back on credit card June 18 for May 30 cruise to Alaska
  12. I was told it can take up to 60 days for credit to show up on my charge. I did not cancel a cruise I changed my booking to the summer clearance sale and saved $2000
  13. I wish this site would stay up on page 1. It has good info maybe this will bump it forward
  14. I wear black rubber sandals that have thick soles and rhinestones on the strap and have never had a problem with them.
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